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2013 Summer Time Movie List!!

Yay! If you are wondering what movies will be released this Summer, check these out. There are some fab, super cute movies and I for one am seriously planning to be a movie buff! What with 2 months of Summer hols, I think Junior andΒ  have earned it!movies

1. First up on my list is the movie After Earth – A futuristic movie based on a father being captured and the son having to rescue the dad. The roles of father and son are played by Will Smith and Jaden Smith. I think this one maybe worth the watch!After-Earth-2013-Movie-Poster1

Expected release date : 7th June 2013

2. Monster University – yay! the sequel to Monsters Inc! How can you not be excited about this one!!!MU_Bleachers_Online_1s_w2.0

Expected release date : 21st June 2013

3. Despicable Me 2 – Another sequel! Despicable Me round two!! Steve Carell is back and for me personally there’s Rusell Brand!!! So I’m definitely going for this one! πŸ˜€despicable-me-poster-big

Expected release date : 03rd July 2013

4. Turbo – Every snail’s dream!! An ordinary snail being a super fast snail!index

Expected release date : 17th July 2013

5. The Smurfs 2 – The little blue people are back! La la la la la Sing a happy song, La la la la la Smurf all day long! Rumour has it that Britney Spears has a new song for the movie. Ok, frankly that doesn’t get me too excited… but… the smurfs do!smurfs-2-poster

Expected release date : 03rd July 2013

6. Planes – From above the world of Cars!! You gotta love that tag line! Disney Pixar newest animation about a plane who is afraid of heights who aspires to compete as a high-flying air racer!Planes_FilmPoster.jpegExpected release date : 09th August 2013

6. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters – If you’ve been following this series, this you may want to watch. As for me, I think, I’ll have to catch up on the prequels to fully appreciate this one!PERCY-JACKSON-SEA-OF-MONSTERS

Expected release date : 16th August 2013

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