Contributed by A Dad Who Spends Quality Time With Family

I frequently take my little daughter of 2.5 years out by myself to have some quality dad:daughter time.

Some places I visit:

·  Independence Square gardens – Not too crowded lots of space for to run about and explore. Also with some roads closed off, it’s a good place to take a bike and teach her to ride.

.  Fun factory – She used to love this place when she was smaller but still keeps her busy for about an hour or so.

·  Water Edge – When it’s not too crowed it’s a good place to take her for a walk, see the animals, look at the fish, grab something to eat

·  Vihara Maha Devi Park (Kids Play area) – Kids can be a bit rough here but my daughter didn’t mind too much and had a ball

·   Vihara Maha Devi Park (rest of the area) – Plenty of places to sit and chill out on a family picnic

·  Cinnamon grand Pub (Kid’s play area)- Ideal place to go with some friends to let the kids play in a safe area in view of the parents and have a great meal too.

. Creative Art Classes – Will need to find the name from my friend, but daughter loves it. 2-3 hour sessions on the weekend where she draws and creates various fun stuff.. Super dad: daughter time !

·  Pools – Too many to mention (Colombo swimming Club, SSC, Waters Edge, Austasia)

· Horse Ridding  – Premadasa Riding School  – My colleague takes his kid who is differently abled and says that they are very attentive and he has found a huge difference by the child interacting with animals. I plan to take Kihara when she’s about 3.5yrs as I used to ride as a kid and loved it. Also a super excuse to take a child and give carrots to horses !

  Go Karting – For bigger kids

·  Water World – About a 20 minute drive from Malabe but loads of fish to see (both sea and freshwater)