You may want to make your own laundry detergent for so many reasons. If you are like me and nervous about all the chemicals that are in your commercial made laundry detergent, this is the way to go!

What you will be using is very mild soap and what’s around your kitchen – in fact there wasn’t anything that I had to ‘hunt’ for or really make an effort to look for! You will be saving a few rupees here and there but most importantly you wont be using any harmful chemicals and it will be earth friendly!

DIY Laundry Recipe for Newborn’s Laundry & Sensitive Skin –

  • 1 bar Johnson’s Baby Soap
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup salt
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon dettol liquid


1. Grate the bar of soap.

2. Pour the grated soap into the food processor, add baking soda, dettol and salt. Switch on the food processor for a quick mix. 3. Add the water and mix.

My Magic Bullet Doing It’s Magic!!

4. You can use a large bottle to mix the ingredients up – but this means a whole lot of shaking – perhaps the food processor is an easier alternative. Incidentally I now have some majorly clean small appliances


To wash, simply pour in half a cup to 1 cup into your soap dispenser in the washing machine 🙂

Add-ons: (To be used for clothes for kids above 6 years)

Drops of Lemon Juice – Ok, diverging from this for a second – heard of laundry and dish wash having real lemon in it and lemon biscuits having lemon flavour! Sad isn’t it. Anyway, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice into our laundry recipe. The antibacterial properties of lemon juice is excellent and does wonders to the smell as well.

A few drops of tea tree essential oil – once again tea tree has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. I would not, I repeat, I would not use any essential oil if this laundry detergent is being used for newbown or toddler diapers.

Citirc Acid – 2 teaspoons of citric acid into this concoction acts as a natural fabric softner.

If you are wondering about the different things that we used and why we used them, here’s an explanation!

Johnson’s Baby Soap – Mild and fresh, if it’s good on your baby’s skin – it’s good enough to be used as a laundry detergent.

Baking Soda – helps freshen up the clothes

Salt – Avoids buildup of minerals and also softens water. If you are living in a place were the water is hard, please add half cup of salt more.

Dettol Liquid – Needless to say, this is to kill the germs!

Just to illustrate that our Laundry Detergent does work – I took a picture of Junior’s T-shirt which had a Chicken Curry Stain! As you can see, the stain has completely come off! So yay! It works!!

Before & After
T-Shirt with Curry Stain & After Completely Stain free!