by Mumsibles G

So, this post is dedicated to the Young Me!!

I remember reading about these tips back in the day when I was very very much into reading Just Seventeen magz and drooling over Ronan Keating & Robbie Williams (yes, i know – there was a time!!) I found these wonderful tips and have personally used them, so read on to find out why Johnson’s baby products don’t necessary have to be only for your little one!!

I’m thankful to my Mum for many things! One – she kept a steady supply of Just Seventeen Magz with which I could be updated on what’s up with the BackStreet Boys & Take That! Just Seventeen introduced me to so many wonderful ideas on making myself presentable – little make-up & fashion tips that were age specific and I was always waiting for the next issue. The second thing that I’m thankful to my Mum is that she understood the importance of having good skin and maintaining oneself! So when I presented her the issue with the hints & tips of skincare for teens, she didn’t say no, though looking back it must have also been since what I wanted to try out were Johnson’s Baby Products – she might not have been so open-minded about other products!

So without dilly-dallying much let me get to it. All of what are mentioned below have been tried & tested by the teen me (Wow!! That’s so nostalgic!!) and some of these products I still use for the same purpose since they are still around the household being used for Junior!!


  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion is an excellent facial cleanser. Use as a Cleansing Milk – just apply a moderate amount of the lotion around your face and wipe with cotton balls/pads. This is truly a wonderful way to start of your younger daughter’s cleansing routine! I still use it at times when I feel like a nice facial massage to increase facial circulation.
  • Johnson’s Baby Oil – A wonderful makeup remover – especially eye make! You ask me if the teen me wore makeup – yes! LOL eyeliner – I graduated to doing the top lid when I was older and simply cannot step out without it – or hide behind my shades if I don’t!!


  • Blow dried or ironed out your hair and still a bit frizzy? Want to smooth-en the frizzy ends out a bit? Use just the smallest amount of Johnson’s cream, rub your palms and run your palms down the hair. Careful with the amount you use – we don’t want it look we’ve just oiled our hair! This is so much economical than spending heaps of money on very expensive hair serums!!
  • Used too much baby lotion, or have super greasy hair and rushing out the door – dust a bit of Johnson’s Baby Powder on your palms and run it down your hair!

Body, Hands, Legs  & Feet

  • If you’ve run out of your body cream or like me when traveling just can’t be carrying lotions and potions for the whole family, ‘borrow’ your little one’s Johnson’s Cream!
  • If you have shaved or have waved try a bit of Body Oil – actually I recommend just having a bottle for yourself! – Add few drops of essential oil like Lavender and you have yourself a wonderful body oil!
  • Baby oil is also wonderful for your feet and hands – particularly for your cuticles.
  • I also have a friend who swears by Johnson’s Top to Toe Wash as an intimate wash!

There you have it! A wonderful range of products to help your teen daughter take care of her skin or for yourself – after all if it’s safe for your baby…. it’s safe for you!!

Till Next Time!