“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.”   Maria Montessori

As promised, our first post from Mumsibles Montessori!

I’ve always said this and will continue to do so, parents are a child’s’ first teacher. Children will learn not just how to perform tasks but also learn responsibility and character from parents and caregivers. There is so much that we can teach our children at home, either before they start preschool or to supplement what they learn at school. For me the best part of teaching at home is spending more time with Junior and witnessing all those gorgeous smiles when he’s completed a task and feels like he has achieved something!

This practical life activity is really really simple and requires really little preparation. But the rewards are heaps. After completion, you will be ‘wowed’ by the level of independence your child exhibits and you have a little helper who can fold the napkins when you’re entertaining next time or when you’re cleaning up.

There are two different ways to teach your child to fold a napkin, the triangle fold and square fold. Choose one fold that you’re comfortable with and stick to it for sometime. Make sure your child is able to do it by himself before teaching him the next method.

What you will need:

  • A napkin
  • Washable marker

For the Triangle Fold:

Using a washable marker, draw the following lines on a napkin.

Draw a line across the napkin, from corner to corner – diagonally as shown in the photo.

Fold along the line and draw a line from the top corner to the bottom, as shown in the picture.

Firstly demonstrate. Show your child how to fold the napkin. Using your index finger trace the lines so that you show him where the folds takes place. Next fold the napkin across using the lines as a guideline as shown in the pictures.

Next fold it along the next line.

As you finish folding along a particular line, ask the child what shape it forms – Big Triangle &  Small Triangle.

Now ask your child to follow the same sequence.

You could use another napkin and do it along with your child till he gets the hang of it. Repeat it a few times or until your child says it’s enough.

For the Square Fold:

Take a different napkin that you can keep practicing with.

Using a washable marker, draw a line right at the middle from the left to the right.

Fold the napkin and draw a line from the from top to the bottom, right at the middle of the napkin.

Now show your child how to fold the napkins along the lines. Using your index finger, trace along the line from side to side.

Now fold along this line. Next trace the line with the finger that appears as on the folded napkin.

Fold along the line.

Don’t forget to ask you child what shape appears as you fold the napkin, saying out loud – square, rectangle and triangle.

Ask your child to perform the same, helping him as he goes on. Don’t forget you can use a napkin along side to help.


His smile as he sees himself being able to do a real task

Congrats Mumsbile! You’ve just got a handy helper to help at your next dinner party or when you’re cleaning up!