By Mumsible G

‘Wash Wash Wash your hands
Wash them everyday,
Soapy Soapy Soapy
Wash the germs away!’

Teaching your child personal hygiene is very important for the most obvious reasons!

Little children love doing things for themselves and this is one practical life activity that they would particularly enjoy – the soapy slimy bubbly soap is really fun!

One of the main reason’s I began to teach Junior how to wash his hands properly and carefully is because when kids start school they don’t always have the necessary supervision to make sure the soap is washed off the hands and also because it is absolutely necessary to make them understand that washing hands is a must before and after snack time as with after bathroom use.

What you will need:

  • Sink – Teach them how to wash the hands at both the bathroom and the kitchen sink.
  • Nailbrush
  • Liquid soap and soap bar
  • Hand Towel
  • Hand Lotion
  • Stool


  • Start off by explaining why it is important that the hands are kept clean. Talk to them about the germs that we are unable to see and yet are everywhere and how it is very important to be clean and wash hands after using the bathroom and before & after meals.
  • Most preschools and schools have sinks that are low enough for the kids to reach. Nevertheless, you may have to have a steady stool handy. Ask your little on to get on top of the stool. If your child is wearing long sleeves, point out that these need to be either rolled up or pushed up so that they don’t get wet!
  • As always, demonstrate first:
    • Open the tap and wet your hands, both the palms and the top of your hands.
    • Close the tap! It’s important to teach children that water should not be wasted!!
    • Now demonstrate how to use the liquid soap – cup the hand slightly and pump out the soap onto the palm.
    • Rub the palms together and rub each soapy palm on top of each other.
    • Interlock the fingers and move the fingers back and forth so that your run soap between the fingers.
    • Use the nail brush and demonstrate how to lightly brush the nails.
    • Open the tap and rinse the palms well. Tell your little one that the hands needs to washed till the slimy feeling goes away!
    • Close the tap.
    • Pat dry the hands with the hand towel.
    • Apply a bit of hand lotion to keep the hands nice and soft!!
  • Now ask your little one to do it on his own. You may need to remind him and make sure he washes off the soap off his hands, but after a few times, he’ll be whizz at it!

Musmible Tips:

  • Once you are done with teaching your little one how to use liquid soap and a bar of soap – how about teaching him how to use hand sanitizer by himself. The instructions are pretty much the same – you just need to make sure that the tips of the fingers are sanitized pretty well.


Wow! Your little one can now perform a task that makes him feel super grown up!

Congrats Mumsibles! You have just taught your little one an important lesson in hygiene and you now have one less thing to worry about!