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A Visit to Calorie Counter

by MumsiblesG

calcounter1So I’ve see the space for Calorie Counter for a couple of weeks now. Passing Thimbirigasyay on my way for this and that, it has been intriguing to say the least. I was pretty excited – the name says what it is and I being a part of a weight loss group and forever trying to eat healthy couldn’t wait to try this place out. I was wondering if it’ll be a resuarant, a juice bar? Who knew!!


Yesterday, I saw their page on facebook and saw that they were officially open and boy was I curious. I really wanted to check the place, the menu and the food out. So yesterday, I wandered into Calorie Counter all alone (with something to read!)! Yes, hubby was at work, Junior was at a playdate and I was lazy to make myself lunch, so off I went!

So there’s outdoor and indoor seating. Indoor is a little bit small but I see it expanding. Trust me, it has to :) The heat was a killer and as I approached the premises, I decided that indoors is where I will be. I noticed how friendly the stuff were as soon as I went in. The guy behind the counter was very friendly, polite and walked away from the counter to explain to me the menu and how it works. And how it works is that there’s a menu hung above the counter listing the dishes that are available – the calories of each and the price. When you order a dish you can order your choice of carb (rice noodles, mashed potatoes, kurakan bread etc) and your choice of veggies for your side. Let me tell you the menu is wonderful. Their dishes range from tofu, lentil, fish, chicken to beef. Calories also range from 146 to 496. Choice of dishes include grilled items, sandwiches and salads.

Okay those are the specifics, let me tell you what I had. I ordered the Peri Peri Chicken with grilled vegetables and kurakan bread as my carbs but I didn’t have the bread – I just felt full without it! So all in all, my total calorie intake for the meal was 374.2! Not bad!! I felt good. They also have some interesting choices of drink including two drinks called Fat Flusher and Metabolism Booster – I had the Metabolism Booster :)


Let me tell you more about the food. I didn’t expect the food to be that tasty. It just blew my mind :) It was absolutely flavousome, chicken done right and the whole combination really worked. I haven’t honestly enjoyed food in that level for such a long time. Needless to say, I polished the whole plate! The chef at somepoint came over to ask how the food was and I absolutely complimented him on the food. It was good, honest to God, good tasty food.


I will be visitng there soon, very soon. I was happy to find out that they have take-away, which is great especially on those days you don’t manage to cook. They also open till 09.00pm.

So here’s what I wish! – I wish they’d open up more outlets, in and around Colombo. I wish they’d start delivering soon!!! (please oh please!) I wish they’d start opening earlier (as time goes by) and offer healthy drink and snacks when we need to have a ‘coffee meet’. I hope they create a healthy food revolution!!

Here’s wishing them all the very best :)

Calorie Counter is now open at No 61, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05. You can get more information by visiting their site or You can also call them on 0727282828

Till Next Time!


If you’ve already checked out Calorie Counter or will be visiting them shortly, don’t forget to let us know what YOU think!

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