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A Visit to Colombo Fort Cafe

Tucked comfortably in the Colombo Dutch Quarter is this wonderfully chic but casual restaurant. Did it pass the Junior Test? Check it out!


As most children are – Junior is a picky eater. This means we are really picky with the restaurants that we choose to eat at! For some reason we hadn’t tried Colombo Fort Cafe and I remember the day we weren’t there – I hadn’t had lunch which meant I was super hungry!

We walked in to the Old Dutch Hospital building around 7 – which meant that it was fairly occupied at that time with people mingling. As always, I wanted to sit outside but Junior had his heart set on eating inside, which perhaps was a better option, I was vary about the possibilities of mosquitoes and had not brought my mosquito repellent! A tip when going out going out – get your kids to wear long trousers, it saves you in from those once in a while times that you do forget your repellent.

Having seated inside, we were seated at tables with high stools that junior really loved. There were tables with normal chairs so maybe worth making reservations if you plan on dining inside with younger children.

One thing that simply must be said about the staff was they were very courteous without being overbearing. They magical appeared to serve food when one dish was finished to ask for the desert order when we had finished our main. They seem to appear at the right time without hovering around – which really made you feel that you were being attended to without them constantly hovering around or asking your questions in the middle of a conversation.

Onto the food – Junior can’t each much spices so we chose a starter that we all can share which was the Fried Potatoes – and boy was it yum! Such a blast of flavours in your mouth and is sure to be a hit with young children. They also did have the likes of nachos, tacos and salads – but hungry as I was I still have to watch my nonexistent figure 🙂page

For the mains, we ordered Lamb Chops for Hubby,  Spaghetti Bolognese for Junior (why is it that you can never go wrong with Italian for kids?!) and for myself – Portuguese Peasants Chicken.

The food was excellent – hungry as I was the flavours of the Portuguese Chicken was amazing, well flavoured, soft meat. I had a taste of the Lamp Chops since hubby was mumbling about how simply this must be the best Lamp Chops he’s had around Sri Lanka! Junior also managed to have his share of the spaghetti – being an adult sized portion he did leave some and the staff kindly asked if they could pack it for us in a doggy bag!

Did I tell you – I was seated in front of the dessert display? I could see that Tiramisu in front of me during the whole meal crying out my name so – Tiramisu for dessert while hubby had the Blueberry Cheese Cake. Ahhh! I dream of that Tiramisu and have spoken about it mid-sentence while having late night chats with my sister 🙂

All in all, the dining at Colombo Fort was a tasty experience with the staff being so attentive yet not overbearing – are they trained that way?? Food wise, some of the best we’ve tasted in Colombo! and what about The Junior Test – a 5 out of 5 for certain! A lovely experience!!

Till Next Time!


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