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A Visit to Dolce Italia Colombo

by MumsiblesG


Dolce Italia, Colombo is the new Italian Bakery in Colombo. They’ve currently got two outlets, one on Havelock Road in front on Police Park and the other on Dickman’s Road (off Galle road).

So, I’ve been there twice already. Once with a friend for some breakkie and the other with Junior. They’ve got goodies to drool. They’ve got some lovely savoury, sweet pastry, desserts and cake.

The first time over, I had a prawn bun for breakfast (at the Dolce Italia, Havelock Road outlet) which was really delicious, decently priced at Rs.180 and was just the right size. They also had ‘small-medium’ sized pizza for around Rs.200ish and they looked really delicious, I remember making a mental note to grab one at some point for lunch as treat for Junior. They also serve coffee, a bit limited in terms of the coffee, but they serve a decent cappuccino, americano and expresso, that’s enough, I don’t think it matters greatly that they don’t serve any more varieties and they aren’t overpriced.

The second time I was over, I was over with Junior and wanting to pick a treat for after lunch. On my first visit, I noticed these gorgeous and scrumptious looking cannolis (which by the way have me salivating just writing about them!) The edges dusted with pistachio… oh my, they were good. It was rather a hot day and Junior wanted a Iced Sprite, he’s very specific that way :). The gentleman behind the counter felt bad since they had just put some bottles into the fridge and they weren’t cold yet – so instead he very kindly gifted a almond crossaint. He was very kind indeed and in a world where business is business, I found this very refreshing and immensely sweet!

dolceitalia1All in all, Junior and I love Dolce Italia, Colombo! I’ve been to both their outlets and love them both. They also make pasta to order, which you can pre-order and pickup along with their usual cakes, deserts and pastries. And everything is so decently priced – including their coffee!

dolceitalia2If you haven’t visited Dolce Italia, Colombo yet, do ! And do try their cannolis.. they are soooo good!

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