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Back to School – What You Need To Prepare!


School vacations are winding down and in a weeks time most schools would re-open and it’ll be back to routine for most of us. To be fully prepared, check our tips out!

  • Make sure you have attended to the necessary paperwork –  Getting all the paper work sorted prior to term starting makes it that much easier for you. Keep your contact details updated by either emailing or mailing a letter to the school. Before term starts why not visit the school so that you can get the details on after school activities that you may have to sign up for or permission slips that may have to be forwarded.
  • Get to labeling – This goes without saying but make sure that all the supplies that are needed by your child at school are labelled. These include not just the obvious books but also water bottles, snack boxes, color boxes etc. You may need extra labels so keep this in mind.
  • Get the necessary supplies that are on and off the book list – Be on the look out for sales & discounts on back-to-school supplies such as shoes and books. Most shops offer discounts for these items a few weeks before school starts.
  • Fit on shoes, socks & uniforms – If you are using uniforms from the previous term, give it a fit-on at least two weeks prior so that you have enough time to get brand new ones if they are out grown.
  • Vaccinations – Make sure that all required vaccinations are given at least two weeks before you get back to school.
  • Immunity – Build up your child’s immunity by providing him meals which are fortified extra with immunity builders (fresh fruit & vegetables) as well as  supplements like multivitamins and or drink supplements.
  • Wean him gently off the holiday mood – gradually cut down TV time encouraging quite “educational” activities.
  • Preparing his study table – Ask your child to join in cleaning and arranging the study table. By doing this, you are signalling to him that school time is close by.
  • Setting a routine– A week before school starts, set up a routine by establishing time specific activities. I’m sure the times for most of these activities tend to be relaxed during holidays, so make sure you get your child used to the “school times”. Establish the following routine:
    • waking up time
    • toilet routines
    • breakfast time
    • snack times
    • nap times
    • evening TV
    • bedtime and curfew

This is absolutely brilliant, by the day your child is supposed to go to school, his body and mind will already be accustomed to the routine.

  • Visit the school before term commences – speak to the class teachers and administration if there is anything else that needs sorting out before term starts.

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