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Birds of all feathers stick together!! – Kids Owl Craft

by Guest Writer Laura Hewetson

Birds of all feathers stick together!!

This is quite fun as it involves a bit of cutting, gluing and sticking!

A great change to create birds of all feathers!


What you need:

–          An Egg carton

–          Feathers,

–          Cardboard

–          Scissors

–          Felt pens or paints

–          Some tissue paper

–          Fluffy craft balls

–          Craft “eyes”

–          Glue

Cut out the egg carton so you have two holes as eyes and the middle that sticks out as the beak.owl2

Cut out the body from another piece of cardboard. Sort of an oval shape.owl3

Stick colourful tissue paper (or feathers if you like) on the body as  feathers.

Use the flap of the egg carton to cut out some mini owl wings and feet!

Colour the wings, feet and face with felt tips or paints. And stick them onto the body in the appropriate places.owl4

Stick some fluffy craft balls as “eye balls” with the eyes glued to it into the “eye cavity”owl5

Stick the head on top of the body and cover the head in feathers!

And there is your owl! 🙂 owl7

Laura & Sonja

“Brought to you by the Pears Happy Baby Learning Center“


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