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Breast Feeding Essentials

by MumsiblesG


I know, we all know the importance of breast feeding your little one but let me re-iterate, it’s very important!

If you are in the process of deciding or have already decided to breast feed, do check our post on Fun Facts on Breast Feeding for some really cool info.

In the meantime, we are going to cover The Breast Feeding Essentials. So your probably thinking, I have my breasts, and that pretty much covers it! Wrong! You need more than those to make sure that breast feeding is a comfortable and easy process.

Here are our Breast Feeding Essentials to make sure that you are comfortable and that your little one gets all the goodness!

Check out what’s made it to our Breast Feeding Essentials!

1. As we have mentioned before, to breast feed comfortably you will need a comfortable nursing bra. Check out more info on our Choosing A Maternity Bra.

2. Breast shells – if you have inverted or flat nipples, you’d want these to help with drawing your nipples out. You can use these from around 5 months into your pregnancy.

3. You will also need breast pads. Now as I mentioned in our Essential Hospital Packing list – four pads should be enough, but do get a pack of disposables that you can use when you are going on a trip or for other emergencies. Remember having something at hand is so much easier than scouting for them last minute.

4. Sleeper Bras – trust me when I say this is essential. You may think that wearing your normal nursing bra through the night is fine enough, but you need a bit of stretchiness. Additionally, sleeper bras are usually seam-free and wireless that will make sleep-time and nighttime feeds comfortable.

5. Maternity tops – Feeding has to be comfortable so think around clothes that help these process. Naturally, wearing something that is front open helps. If you are unable to constantly wear clothes that need front open, these are some of the styles that you can adopt to help feeding.

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6. Nursing Cover – this is used to cover yourself if you are nursing in public. I know, as I did, even though you want to feed your baby, you may have qualms on feeding in public. These especially matter even when visiting the doc and even if you are feeding in a feeding room and need privacy. A cover is the way to go.

7. Nipple cream – if you get cracked or sore nipples, these will releave ve the symptoms and the pain. Go with brands that are known and have been around for years. Our favourite picks are Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream (which should be available at Mothercare Outlet), Mothercare It’s Your Body Nipple cream (Mothercare Outlet) and Medela Prelan Nipple Cream.

8. A doughnut breast feeding pillow – I remember Junior being so wee small, and that you need quite a bit of support for that small one to actually reach your breast. A feeding pillow will help immensely help as you and the arm that supports your baby as he feeds will be more comfortable.

9. Muslin cloths, to the wipe after the feed and to place while the baby is being burped.

10. Nipple Shields – these are used to prevent latching problems and for feeding premature babies. These can also be used if for some reason the baby had gotten used to bottle feeding and refuses to take the breast.

11. Breast pump – if you plan on getting back to work after your maternity leave, breastfeeding does not have to stop when your maternity leave finishes. You can pump and refrigerate and have your little one have all the benefits of breast milk but in a bottle. A breast pump is also helpful if you want a little bit of flexibility for you to move around every once in a while. Remember, your baby needs you, so you can focus completely on your little Miracle the first few months of his life. But a bit of flexibility is always helpful.

12. Breast Milk storage bags – into which you can pump and place in the fridge to be used when your baby needs it.

13. Bottles – if you plan on pumping, you will need bottles. So don’t forget to have a maximum of three around. We suggest you use plastic bottles and anything from Mothercare, Avent, Tomee Tippee to Farlin will do. What is most important is using a BPA Free bottle that is branded and that you know is a 100% safe to use.

14. Sterlizer – yes, if you can on using a bottle, you will need a sterlizer.

To let us know if there’s any more essentials that you can add to this list by commenting below :)

Hope our Breast Feeding Essentials list was informative to you!

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