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What to do if Your Child is Being Bullied

Mental abuse and bullying such as name calling, cruel mocking, picking on children who are unable to run fast or defend themselves, picking on children who are otherwise considered ‘different’ and physical bullying happen every day at classrooms and playgrounds. There’s always the chance that your child could be bullied

Pray for Orlando and What It Means Over Here.

In the wake of the Orlando Shooting last night, I'm visiting a subject that I had addressed last year as well. Guns should not have ANY place in schools with children. These maybe air rifles, or other guns (I'm not sure what other's are there) but I can firmly say,

How to Stop Your Child From Whining

Children constantly pick up new behaviour, at times it could even be whining. Now your child could start whining for many reasons, he doesn’t want to do his homework, he wants pizza for dinner, he wants a new toy he saw, another half hour of TV..... The list literally starts