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The Lioness – Primani Wijeyesekera

Name: Primani Wijeyesekera Age: 35 Baby’s Name: Shekhinah Wijeyesekera This is an interview on Primani's journey of more than 8 years of surgeries and medication to help her battle Endometriosis, PCOS and help her conceive and give birth to beautiful Little Shekinah. 1. Your problems with Endometriosis – when did it start and how

That’s My Party – April ’15

[row] [span8] FACT FILE Name: Jennifer Von Hagt Thenabadu Age: 33 Years Designation: Director KOPS Montessori [/span8] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span2] What was the first thing you did after finding out you were pregnant ? We had lost the receipt to collect the report. And Asiri had refused to hand over the report to my husband. I was asleep in all this