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How to Choose A Proper Maternity Bra

Here are few things to consider when you are looking for a good fit maternity bra. So if you have just found out that you are pregnant or well into your pregnancy, you will want to read this!


Pregnancy is a very beautiful time! Lots of changes, lots of planning and things to buy for bubz. Don’t forget that you too need things during your pregnancy to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. One of the most important things you need during your pregnancy is a good maternity bra.

So, here goes!

Firstly, Know Your Bra!

We know what regular bras are so I’m not going into explaining this one! Maternity Bras can be used from your first trimester. They usually have wider straps and extra clasps at the band that can help you as you keep growing during your pregnancy. In addition, they are usually of soft cotton which is an excellent way to go since most women find their skin sensitive during pregnancy. Nursing Bras, essentially help you nurse, they have clasps or panels that help you breastfeed.

The Tips


  • So each person’s pregnancy is different (yes, I know, I’m stating the obvious!) so you may find that your cup size or your body size may increase several times during your pregnancy. For some of you, you may find that it would increase during the first trimester and then not till you start feeding, and for some of you, it may happen throughout. While you may want to save a bit, please do get yourself fitted when you start to feel uncomfortable. Tight-fitting bras can push into breast tissue, leading to clogged milk ducts.
  • You can wear your pre-pregnancy bras during your first trimester or so, but as you start growing, you really need to start getting fitted into a maternity bra. You can start wearing a nursing bra during your last trimester, but if you do buy get one make sure that the cups have enough space to accommodate bigger breasts as the cup size increases for milk and to accommodate a nursing pad.
  • Nursing bras can come in different styles.
  1. Clasps – these are located at the top of the cup and in which the cup can be folded down for feedings.
  2. Nursing bras with snaps– these snaps are located between the breasts so you can fold the fabric of the cup flap toward your armpit.
  3. Another design allows you to move the fabric around the breast, propping it forward, sort of like an opening.
  • If you are buying one with a clasp, make sure that a) you try taking of the clasp during your fitting so that you know it’s one that can be taken of easily b) practice taking it off with one hand so that you are fully able, since you will be holding the baby with one hand while feeding. My advice to you would be get one with a clasp for the first months of feeding since you would also have to be wearing a nursing pad.
  • Underwire bras are not recommended as it make make the breasts pinch.
  • Two maternity bras are sufficient during pregnancy. You will need about 4 nursing bras after delivery.
  • You will need to wear your nursing bras during the whole time you breastfeed, these will give the much needed support for your breasts. If you do not feed, please do continue to wear them for around 6 weeks after delivery.
  • During nightime, you can opt to wear sleeper bras which give a slight support and are non intrusive. These bras are almost like a crop top with slight support and will ensure that you are in comfort during the night. These can be worn during pregnancy and post delivery.
  • As for taking care of the bra, remember hand wash! Use some mild detergent and give it a quick wash in the night and leave it to dry overnight!
  • Also remember, you should get a fitting once you have stopped feeding since you may not be your pre-pregnancy size.
  • Colours? As with most bras/underwear, nudes usually go well and are unseen from the outside. But there aren’t any rules on the color and patterns one should wear – just whatever you like! And remember, most bra manufacturers know that women like to still feel feminine and sexy during their pregnancy and have designed there bras with these in mind…

So stay fitted and in comfort!

Till Next Time!


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