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Christmas Craft – Handprint Baubles

by Contributing Writer Mrs Heffalump

This craft is is when you have a near million plain coloured baubles and want to add that special personal touch.


Materials babs and I used.

  • White paint
  • Coloured paint
  • Baubles
  • Glitter
  1. Paint bab’s hand in white paint and get him to hold the baubles tightly.
  2. Once the print is dry paint snowmen faces on the finger tip prints.
  3. Add glitter if you wish.
  4. You could do this every year and see the different sizes of bab’s handprints as he keeps growing up
  5. It is pretty when visitors see your little ones handwork hanging on your Christmas tree.





Mrs Heffalump is a Mom of one lovely little boy and would love a whole battalion of sons around the whole house! She loves love loves doing art & crafts, is an absolute control freak and can be slightly OCD. Mrs Heffalump is also a qualified Montessori Teacher, has her Diploma In Child Psychology , A British Council Approved Teacher and was working in a leading International School.

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