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All About A Daddy

by Co-Author Kay

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We are thrilled with our ’’Father’s Day Special’’ and are truly honoured to feature this Super Dad as our first on Mumsibles – Chrishantha Jayasinghe (a.k.a CJ), is the dad of two beautiful daughters Saveena and Shemali and the husband of Indi.

It’s amazing how one could talk to CJ on a wide variety of things. CJ’s interests mimic the colours of the rainbow with things as diverse as being seriously involved in health & fitness to being a foodie, being a workaholic, a nature adventurer and a avid reader (yes! even religious books). CJ has a self developed guide to food that we refer to from fine dining restaurants to the road side hotels where you could pick the best food. He’s one of the friendliest and helpful gentlemen I have ever come across. It’s just a matter of asking him, and if it’s within his capabilities, you may consider it’s DONE.

CJ is the Managing Director of Sarva Integrated (Pvt) Ltd. He is born with creativity and team leadership qualities.

Please read below how this Super Daddy lives a happy and a healthy life with his wife and two lovely daughters.

1. How did you feel when you became a Dad for the first time?

You know it is extremely difficult to put words to the feelings that went through me when I saw my children for the first time. When I carried them for the first time.. It was an amazing feeling to hold something so frail.. so innocent and so pure. The only phrase that comes close is “absolutely magical”. On a lighter note and  as someone who is always interested in management techniques I am always amazed at the ability of a new born to have an entire house hold buzzing about him or her without even lifting a finger but just by making some noise.

2. Being a busy Dad, how do you spend quality time with your two daughters ?

My daughters are 13 and 15 now. So a lot of our interests overlap which makes spending time with them an absolute treat.

However I must confess that I don’t think I get as much quality time as I would like to have with them. That’s why I always make it a point to drop them at school myself. Because most of the time that is the only solid time I get with them on a daily basis. But then we try to go out and have a coffee or lunch to supplement that time occasionally. Sometimes it is just a drive to pick a sister up from somewhere during holidays or weekends. Of course  I also take them shopping but then the  quality time I get to spend with them is as (a patient) observer.

3. Why are health and fitness important, being a Dad?

As a dad my primary responsibility is to provide and protect my family. If my health is compromised I will not be able to be there for them. From a financial perspective as well as a father figure perspective.

4. What motivates you to come to the gym every morning?

To me going to the gym has become a habit which I have cultivated during the past decade. So there is no motivation needed. If I don’t go I feel extremely uncomfortable like I have started my day without brushing my teeth.

5. What is your favourite workout? Cardio with machines? Kick boxing? or weights training?

Actually my favorite work out is kick boxing. Not only does it help you to burn a lot of calories but I find it a huge stress buster. Each time I kick and punch I can quite literally feel all the stress and frustration leave my body. Weight training comes a close second. Because if I miss my training for a couple of days I feel lethargic and sickly. I must confess I tend to cheat on my cardio – which is very bad –  and that is the reason I have NOT met my fitness goals.

6. What are your recommendations for a healthy breakfast and lunch, as a working dad?

As a working dad one thing you need to have is energy . Most of the traditional meal options in Sri Lanka are full of carbs and unhealthy fats which make you sleepy. I subscribe to a high protein and slow carb (Low GI) diet. My breakfast is always oat meal with 2-3 eggs in it and a protein shake. Lunch is a small portion of mung atta, lentils or chick peas with  a fairly large portion of protein which could be meat or fish. I also take a small evening snack around 5 p.m  to keep my energy levels intact. I don’t eat rice – yes even red rice – during working days. It makes me feel much fitter.
7. How do you relate your childhood with now-a-days kids?

Well on one side kids these days have access to so much more than we did before in terms of technology and resources. However on the other hand they have so much less due to the same technology compared to my child hood days. Technology keeps them inside glued to a seat. When I was young I had far more interactions with people face to face than on facebook 🙂

8. Since you are known to be an avid reader, what are your all time favourite five books?

These six (pardon me that it’s not five) books have had the most phenomenal impact on me.

  1. The Prophet – Khalil Gibran
  2. Shanthiram – Gregory David Roberts
  3. A brave New World – Eckhart Tolle
  4. God of small things – Arundathi Roy
  5. The Lament of the Dhobi Woman – Karen Roberts ( Sri Lanka’s Arundathi Roy – even if I say so myself)
  6. Chillie Chicks and Heart Attacks – Sanjaya Senanayake