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Dealing With Nausea During Pregnancy

by Co-Writer Mani

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Hello Ladies!

It has been quite a run and it’s still going on. I’ve got no idea when things will start running smoothly, however I do believe that better days are not very far away.

I’m a mom of three girls. My eldest daughter is 5 years of age and twins are 10 months old.

If you are one of those mums to be expecting twins, be it monozygotic or dizygotic, I thought of sharing some of my experiences with you in this and my future articles I hope to post. I had dizygotic twins, which means they were born in two separate sacks. Dizygotic means that the babies were formed from two eggs which were fertilized separately and not divided half way through; which then will be referred to as monozygotic. Although some dizygotic twins can look alike, mine are completely different to each other.

I always had a very fragile digestive system; hence, I obviously expected to be throwing up in no time after I got to know that I had conceived. However, if you’re one of those women like me, it would help to eat little portions of food that are not rich or heavy on your stomach, i.e. fruits, cereal bars and sandwiches. If you’re feeling very bad having nausea during the day and night – toast can help a lot. I kept eating jam on toast (without butter) until I felt a bit better to handle anything richer or heavier than that. Don’t worry about the baby’s growth, the necessary nutrition will be derived from your body anyway. Besides most women realize that they are pregnant only after the first three months have passed!  So I think it’s far better to control nausea than to force feed yourself with all this so called nutritional foods that eventually gets you to throw up continuously which can lead to risks of dehydration.

In my case, I threw up almost every two hours and threw up all my food even though it was just toast and water. Still the only appetizing thing to me was the strawberry jam on toast. It’s a natural reaction of the digestive system to push up hot beverages as opposed to cold. Therefore drinking iced water really helped me subside the feeling of nausea and to keep myself well hydrated. It’s far better to sip water than to drink a load at once especially if you have nausea like me and in this case as I was expecting twins the impact was obviously doubled! I noticed the difference as I had one daughter before my twins and even my doctor explained to me that things could get a bit intensified when you are expecting multiples.

I had slight fever at the beginning of my pregnancy; to be exact in the first trimester. I also suffered from severe constipation. It was obviously embarrassing to bring it up at the doctors even if it’s such a common problem. Although there were so many suggestions from family members and friends to eliminate this problem, they were simply not possible to practice in my case as I had nausea. Therefore I opted simply to wait until nature called! J

I was given suppositories as I threw up several times within an hour when I reached my 3rd month and which continued up until I reached my 6th month. It was a very uncomfortable stage I faced but the suppositories helped me, as I had no other choice because I threw up even the saliva that I had swallowed when I had absolutely nothing in my stomach. Please note that these medications were prescribed by my gynecologist.

Another silly sounding but good piece of advice I can share is that to avoid nausea, I kept away from watching television programs relating to food – looking at pictures relating to food and of course keeping away from the kitchen when possible. Why I mentioned ‘when possible’ is because if you’re compelled to cook most of the times like myself, you might have to make the most of your time when you feel less sickly, to do your cooking for the family. I kept away from inhaling the steam that emanated from food on the stove and had a lemon/limecut next to me to refresh my olfactory sense (sense of smell). I must admit I had many times where I threw up right after I finished cooking!

However, if you have an option not to cook, please sit back, relax and enjoy that precious opportunity. I’ve been told that coffee beans can also refresh your olfactory sense. I personally loved only the smell of brewed plain black tea. So sniffing something that you prefer can also help with your nausea issues just as much as avoiding anything that aggravates the problem.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. I shall take the opportunity to share more experiences in my next article. Until then, take care and keep smiling. Bless you all.

I am not a  Medical Professional, MD or Physician. Views expressed in this post are of personal beliefs and are based on personal experience. Information provided in this post are meant to provide insight and share experiences. Neither the information, advice nor my experiences should be construed to be in any way substitutes for medical attention or prescribed medication. Consult your healthcare professional for prescribed medication or other health care advise.

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