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Developing Fine Motor Skills in Kids

by Contributing Writer Mrs. Heffalump

One of the most important ways we can help our children develop their fine motor skills is while playing with them at home, by having the most simplest and fun activities.


Children need to be able to hold and use pencils, crayons and scissors appropriately before using them and seeing them for the first time in a classroom. We can’t except them to start coloring and writing if they haven’t done or developed the strength needed in their tiny fingers and hands

There are plenty of fun and easy ways to strengthen these muscles, practice and develop eye hand coordination by using simple everyday objects and materials.

Home made playdough – (Click here to make your own playdough) Apart from it being fun and very popular amongst children. Here are a few benefits  of allowing kids to play with it.

Fine motor development skills

  1. its malleable. Thereby making it fun for investigation and plodding and exploration.playdough1-300x300
  2. Having additional extra s i.e. cutters, toy creatures, straws  plastic knives and pots and pans, sticks , pasta, beans , buttons , wooden letters , numbers, feather’s.colouredpasta2

Imagination and creativity

It’s the perfect medium for numerous types of imaginative play. My son makes fish and dinosaurs and trains and boats. He even made a ‘geeko’ a few days ago complete with eyes and he s only two. Sometimes he sneaks it in during bath time and it becomes a gooey mess of color happily soaking in one of the numerous little bottles and jars he keeps in the bathroom.

Apart from play dough being fun it has a very calming effect for adults. I myself being an adult who ‘plays’ with play dough find the effects of squeezing and rolling and plummeting are a great stress reliever and can actually feel very therapeutic!

Science and discovery

Play dough is the simplest to make and its good to have your little one near you while making it. All you need are flour, salt, oil, food coloring and water. Check out the recipe here.

Although we take these things for granted in the eyes of a toddler seeing these ingredients come together to form a sticky smooth squishy ball of play dough is a magical transformation.

Mrs Heffalump is a Mom of one lovely little boy and would love a whole battalion of sons around the whole house! She loves love loves doing art & crafts, is an absolute control freak and can be slightly OCD. Mrs Heffalump is also a qualified Montessori Teacher, has her Diploma In Child Psychology , A British Council Approved Teacher and was working in a leading International School.

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