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DIY Design Your Own Daddy & Me T-shirts for Father’s Day

By Mumsibles G

For Father’s Day this time, Junior and I will be making our own set of matching Dad & Junior T-shirts for them to wear when they are out and about.


I can’t wait to see them wearing these!

Check out what we did and read on to find instructions!

What Junior and I used:

  • White t-shirts – one for Dad & one for Junior
  • Pentel fabric fun crayons – I love them! So much less mess and verrryy easy for kids to
  • Iron
  • Grease paper – I used cookie paper
  • Hangers

How we got about it:

  1. We discussed what pattern we were going to have on the t-shirts. Junior wanted a proper drawing and this being his gift to Daddy I was happy to go along with his ideas.  If your little one doesn’t get bored fast, you may want him to draw the design on a paper first.
  2. Spread the t-shirt on a surface where your child can reach the top and the bottom of the shirt easily. I laid the t-shirts on the floor as I found that this was easier as opposed to a table.
  3. From here onwards, its super easy. Let your child either draw ‘free hand’ or copy the design that he had drawn before.
  4. So experience has taught me that it’s best to get your child to start drawing which ever elements he want to from the top of the shirt. They crayons tend to rub off the t-shirt and smudge  it’s drawn from the bottom up!!
  5. After your little artist has finished painting, first line painted area with grease paper  and then iron over it for 5 minutes as per the fabric instructions.
  6. Let the t-shirt then remain on a hanger over night.

Your Father’s Day Gift is ready and super cute!!

I’d love to hear from you how your t-shirt went!

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