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What to Do When Drawings Strikes the Walls!

by Mumsibles G


When Junior was growing up, I was thrilled that he never went on writing on the walls. I remember seeing many houses with little kids were the walls had handwriting, drawings and even proper stories! So for some time I was thrilled that this wasn’t a stage I would have to face! But it did strike, luckily for me it started behind the door of Junior’s playroom.

Now there are two things about me you should know – 1) I love my home spotless 2) I don’t like to inhibit my child’s creativeness based on my obsessive clean walls! So that got me thinking…… and this is what I came up with! It’s super simple and I had my walls ‘free’ of drawings and Junior got to scribble on my ‘walls’ whenever he felt like it over and over again and really, its a win, win situation.

So, what I did was had a discussion with hubby and bought him super big whiteboard. I remember it being taller than him, so that was perfect.. it meant more space for him to reach and draw. Next I got some masking tape and taped the board to the walls. Now, make sure it’s masking tape, normal tape will rip the paint off when you take it out. So Junior got to draw and I would replace it when it was all covered and he would go at it again.

A simple solution! No fuss, no scoldings, no rules and Junior’s creativeness was unleashed and I had my clean walls and sanity.

P.S, I got the boards from Sarasavi Book Shop.

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