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DVD Review – Annie (2014)

by MumsibleG

annieAnne (1982)!! The little red haired optimistic orphan’s story is one we grew up with and is a favourite amongst most of. What’s not to like about Anne and her step-daddy the ever so charismatic Mr. Warbucks.


When I first heard of that they were remaking Annie (2014) last year, I was super excited. We just gone to see an Anne production by Asian International School which was simply brilliant! I mean they had a Mrs. Hannigan who was very awesome! They rocked the show those two nights :)

Anyway, back to Annie (2014). All star cast! Annie (2014), the foster kid is played by a very curly haired africal merican girl Quvenzhané Wallis who is an talented young actress. Now for the exciting bit – Jamie Foxx plays Will Stacks the New York business tycoon – soon to be adopting little Annie and the icing on the cake – Cameron Diaz as Mrs. Hannigan and I tell you, they could not have found a better Mrs. Hannigan, she’s utterly, utterly and positively brilliant in that role.

More on Annie (2014), the movie runs pretty much in the same direction, with very little and slight changes. The songs are the same but a rather welcome beat that made it more musically appropriate for this generation without changing the flavour of the movie. Junior loved the bassed up version of the songs and it’s a real treat this movie.

Here’s a look at the Trailer of Annie (2014)

My whole family really enjoyed this movie. With our speakers turned on really load, I think we entertained our neighbours as well :)

If you’ve seen it, do comment below and let us know what you think of it!


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