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DVD Review – Gone Girl (2014)

by MumsiblesG


So, Hubby & I, watched Gone Girl on one of our date nights! Lol, yes I know, creepy choice for date night, but it was mostly my idea!

I’ve read Gone Girl and immensely liked the book. I hadn’t quite guessed the twist to the story and by the end of it was extremely impressed at how far Amy Dunne went to punish her cheating husband. I was a little let down by how the story ended, but… i thought it was a good enough novel and clearly Gillian Flynn had done a good job of the story.

Now as for the movie, I also wanted to watch it since Ben Affleck played Nick Dunne, and why not! Lol, he’s very pretty on the eyes :)

If you’ve read the book, the movie seems to skim through and story seems to go on so fast. naturally though, I suppose the movie can’t include all the scenes and all the emotions that were in the novel. As in any novel that had been made into a movie, I suppose, not everything can be included. That being said, I think Rosamund Pike did any excellany job of playing the creepy Amy Dunne.

All in all, it’s a decent movie and if you haven’t read the book like me, I’m sure you’d enjoy it much more.

A word of caution, it’s a pretty graphic movie and some scene can definetly not be watched with you parents etc, so choose your company wisely for this movie and if you do watch it with your hubby, I’ll guarentee that he’d be creeped out.

One more plus for the movie… Neil Pattrick Harris stars in it too.. and well, since Doogie Houser, he’s never quite left my heart :)

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