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DVD Review – Pixels (2015)

onesheetPixels 2015, could have easily been a real good family movie. It has all the elements to make it a winner; the Heroes, the bad guys, an alien invasion, references to video games that our kids know and we knew growing up such as PACMAN and Donkey Kong . The story is fun and watching the video games and their characters come to life is awesome! And put yourself in the shoes of the characters – real life gaming! This could easily be your little one’s dream come true!!

Sadly, for more than one reason, it’s not a suitable kids’ movie. It’s very easy to be deceived. If you take a hint from the movie poster on all accounts it look likes something fun for movie nights and play dates. You’ve got darling and ever sweet PACMAN and a bunch of people that clearly look like the ‘good guys’. This has got to be a family movie, right?images

When we first saw the trailer for Pixels with PACMAN and Donkey Kong in it, Junior was super excited. We were literally praying for it to hit the theater here and when it didn’t we were eagerly waiting for the Blu-Ray. We game during holidays and weekends and a movie that included some of Junior’s favourite gaming characters was something we were all excited about.

No, it was far from being exciting for the family. It was definitely fun for us parents. On occasion slightly cheese but certainly fun.

What Parents Need To Know:

Pixels is rated PG-13 and within the first 20 minutes of the movie you hear the words ‘sl*t and ‘sl%^-seeking missiles’. Other strong words used in the movie include ‘s*&t’ and ‘B7t9%’. There are scenes of kissing and incidents of a character slapping butts which needless to say objectifies women and is certainly not something you’d want your kids or teenagers thinking is okay.

The plot of the story is great however. Sadly with that language and certain scenes, it’s not very advisable for your kids to watch it. If you are looking for a movie with gaming for your kids to watch, I’d suggest Wreck It Ralph instead.



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