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DVD Review – Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D

by MumsiblesG

Holidays are still here.. So we thought, we’d review Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D for you. Read on to find out what we and most importantly, Junior thought of the movie. images2

Let me start by saying this, if your little one is a Dino enthuastic or if you’d like a movie that is also educational, Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D is a wonderful movie.

If you are able to get the 3D version on blueray you’ll see the wonderful spectacular 3D effects. Don’t worry if you can’t grab a 3D version, it’s still as good on 2D.

Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D is a BBC Earth Film production. It is certainly not a documentary – it is a story for kids about a small dinasaur coming of age and is a very educational movie. As the story progresses and whenever a new prehistoric animal is introduced into the story, there’s a short pause where a child reads out the name of the animal, the meaning of the name and whether it is an herbibore, carnivore or omnivore. Very educational!

Junior loves this movies! He watches it time and time again. Infact he’s watching it once again as I post this 🙂

This is not a ‘waste-of-time’ movie. From the plot of the story to the information that is provided, Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D is an educational and fun movie that kids and adults will both enjoy. So grab your popcorn and enjoy a few hours of educational fun by watching Walking with the Dinasaurs 3D.

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Here’s the trailer for you to check it out!


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