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Essential Tips For New Mums & Mums-To-Be: Maintaining Your Health & Figure

by Steph Liu


G’day Mumsibles!

The lovely Lucky was kind enough to invite me to do a small piece for the website and I, of course, am thrilled to oblige! My name is Steph. I’ve recently moved to Sri Lanka from Melbourne. Although I am Sri Lankan I was brought up overseas and so am still adjusting to the Sri Lankan lifestyle, which so far is going fabulously! I am a science nerd to the core- holding a Bachelors in biomedical science and Masters in radiation therapy. My sanity was preserved over seven long, arduous year of study thanks to the gym. I am a fitness fanatic and also a food aficionado. Over those years I have developed a very strong understanding of the human body and how to achieve specific goals through nutrition and physical activity, whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or to generally feel awesome!

Over this time I have realized one undeniable fact. All good things take time! Think about the little bundle of joy that spent nine months cooking away in your belly! In the same way, getting back to your pre-baby body will also take time and persistence. However, I happen to have a few tips on how to fast-track the process a tad.

Post-partum, it is advised that new mums wait for their doctor’s clearance before getting stuck into any physical exercise. This is really not a problem because changes to your body shape are mainly dependent on what and how much you eat. It is super important to make sure that your diet is loaded with whole, nutritious foods- particularly if you are still breastfeeding. Below are just a few types of foods that should be incorporated into a balanced diet because happy mummy equals happy bubby!

  • Omega 3 fatty acids: salmon, almonds, cashews, avocado, tuna
  • Vitamin A, Sulfur: olives, fresh cucumber, fresh celery, carrots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes
  • Vitamin C, lutein: dark green leaves like spinach, kale and cabbage
  • Lycopenes: red fruit/veggies like tomatoes, tangerines, red bell pepper and beets
  • Anti-oxidants: prunes, blueberries and blackberries
  • Plenty of water to keep you fresh and supple!

Incorporating a balanced portion of these types of foods will not only benefit the health of you and your baby but also have your bod bouncing back to its former glory in no time! Double win!

Avoiding high-sodium, high-sugar and fried foods also plays a huge role. I’m not saying never eat yummy treats again- because that’s just silly. Chocolate makes life better. That’s a fact. All I’m saying is everything in moderation. You’ll achieve results with your sanity intact.

Incidentally, breast feeding in itself will help your body snap back. Just a couple of fun facts:

breast feeding alone burns up to 500 calories per day and for your body to produce one ounce of breast milk burns 20 calories per day. At that rate, who even needs the gym! On top of that, nursing also releases “happy” hormones that will keep you in a fabulous mood.

Finally, while it is true that your physical appearance is a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside, a little primping and sprucing doesn’t hurt! Nine months of your skin stretching, particularly your belly, can take a toll. Body scrubs and moisturizers containing cocoa butter and shea butter can work wonders for supple skin. Bio Oil and Palmer’s stretch mark lotion applied during and after pregnancy can also be magical for avoiding stretch marks and maintaining skin elasticity!

I do hope you all find my thoughts useful!

Stay fabulous!


Steph is currently a Fitness Instructor at Hi Octane and conducts a super spin class amongst the other classes she takes. Any questions, comments or just general chitchat you are most welcome to contact me via my Facebook page- just follow the link below!

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