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Essentials for Diaper Changing Stations

Changing a diaper can be a messy job if you don’t have the right things around you. Your baby can be fussy, cold and of course it’s absolutely not advisable to keep a baby unsupervised while you look for things. So from reasons concerning safety, to making a job super easy, organising your Diaper Changing Station will simply make your job that much easier and safer.


So here’s our Essentials for Diaper Changing Stations!!

Diapers – Making it first on our list of Essentials for Diaper Changing Stations are diapers. Obvious much! Get yourself a rack or a changing table designed with easy access to the diapers. If they are disposable diapers, make sure you have at least 2 packets in a very visible place so that you know when you are running out of them. If you are using the cloth napkin varieties – have them prefolded, one on top of the other so that you don’t have to fold them when in need and like with the disposable, place them where you can see them.

Wipes. Have a couple of packets of wipes ready. You kind of need a few of these so stock in a few.  You can get the ones in a box and then purchase refills as a cost-saving option.

Cotton Wool – In Sri Lanka, particularly for newborn babies cotton wool balls dipped in water are normally used to wash the bottom and intimate areas. Buy a jar that has a lid and place these balls in it. As many in our Essentials for Diaper Changing Stations, buy a jar that is see through so you can check when it runs out.

Tiny bowl – To put some water in which the cotton wool can be dipped into.

Creams. You may want to buy a diaper rash cream such as Sudocream for your little one to be used in case your little one gets a nappy rash.

Muslin Cloth – If you use the wet cotton balls make sure you have a few muslin cloth to gently wipe the little bottom before you put the diaper on again.

Powder & Powder puff – once the little bottom has gotten a lovely wash and dried, simply use a bit of powder using a little powder puff to keep your little ones little bottom fresh and soft!

Pacifiers and other soothers. Babies can get a bit fussy when they are changed particularly if your little on likes to be held a lot. In any case, the cold and so forth can make your little on fussy so keep a washed and sterlized soother at the changing station.

Extra changing-pad cover – In case of sudden accidents, you may want to keep an extra changing sheet that can be used while another is being washed and dried.

A diaper pail – Until you place your diapers in the trash outside or somewhere else in transit in the house, you will need a secure diaper pail that can be used for these soiled diapers. 

Bucket – a bucket which can hold used cloth diapers till they are laundered. Once again make sure they have lids to ensure hygienic conditions.

Onesies, traditional baby shirts and other change for the baby –  Have a couple pairs of cozy onesies or infant dresses stored at your changing station in case the original outfit gets messy (and it will sometimes).

Rattle or baby toy – Your baby may need a bit of distraction. Sometimes little ones get fussy at the Diaper Station and this is indeed an essential at a diaper station. Since you can’t be finding toys last minute, keep a toy or two that your little one can amuse/distract himself with while you change.

Hand sanitizer. Ideally, you should wash your hands after a diaper change but since you might not have a sink close to your diaper station, have a bottle of hand sanitizer close by but it is very very important that if you do that, that it’s well out of reach of your baby that is being changed and other older siblings who maybe close by.

Nail clippers & Baby Comb . In case you would like to groom your baby right after her diaper change.

Baby Cologne – fresh and changed, your baby will be happy and smell oh so sweet!

If you have anything else you may want to add to our list, please do so by commenting below!

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