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My Favourite Stalls at Colombo Book Fair 2014


So every year, my Mom, Junior and I religiously attend the Book Fair. It’s a must and I know for most of you out there, it is too… loads of books around… sigh.. what more would you want! It helps that my birthday usually falls around this time and so I get to buy more books! Sadly, this year, it falls around the end of Book Fair :p)

Anyway! I thought I’d list out my favourite stalls around Colombo Book Fair 2014. I was just there yesterday doing my rounds and I thought I’d just jot it down!

  • For starters, ProMate – well Junior’s school year book list is already covered and I don’t stock up for next year but I do stop buy and get a few books which do come in handy, particularly for after school classes as well as those emergencies when they need additional books! A note though, at ProMate you gotta buy half a dozen of each book.
  • Makeens – um Book Fair wouldn’t be Book Fair without Makeens. And this year, they have a wonderful wonderful collection of books. First up, I noticed the Sophie Kinsella and Jodi Picoult books. I’m big fans of both! Wonderful reading – I didn’t however notice Sophie Kinsella’s new Shopaholic Book but wasn’t a great disappointment, the other books made up for it. As for kids books! Oh really, it was wonderful from Roald Dahl, Goosebumps, Horrid Henry, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and so so much more. You have to visit this stall and take your time there 🙂
  • Sarasavi – Sarasavi had a massive stall outside the main area and again not a disappointment. They had quite a few books including some that were available at Makeens. They had the new Hardy Boys series and adult books of which I was quick to grab On Sal Mal Lane by Ru Freeman!
  • Vijitha Yapa – had some excellant kids books.
  • Wisdom -The Book World Book Shop – had some really cool Activity Books (Math, English, Science and Art & Craft)
  • Pelangi Books – Malaysia- has a collection of wonderful workbooks for preschoolers in Maths, Sciences and English. I particularly love the Phonetic reading books and activity books they had.
  • Oxford University Press India – So I saw a lot of the Pearsons text books that we use as school texts. They also had some English Grammar and Comprehension Books here. They also had a lot of Dictionaries on sale!
  • Pererea-Hussein Publishing House – I love their books and they had many classics I’ve read and new ones that I was excited to see. I was particularly excited to see the new Kids’ Shorty stories that they had. I think it’s important that kids read books which are local in flavour. Two of their books I love are Fairy Dance by Brandon Ingram & The Lament of a Dhobi Woman by Karen Roberts.
  • The British Council – Okay so the discount isn’t great but it does remind you to renew the membership and does get you completely in the spirit, particularly as it reminds you to go and keep borrowing books!

So that’s it…. my favourite stalls. It’s an exciting time of the year, yes?

Till Next Time!