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Fun Yoga for Kids

Children need a solid form of exercise, a holistic form of exercise – one that tends to keeping them healthy, flexible and strong. Keep reading to find more about Hatha Yoga can help kids.

Yoga is fun at all ages and has amazing powers to bring the best in all of us no matter what age you are. People are often surprised when I say my youngest yoga student is 2 and half years. Their first question is – Can they do yoga? Yes! They can! And they love it. They love the movements and they appreciate the fact that they can do something and achieve something by themselves.

The beauty of learning Hatha Yoga is that children are able to not just maintain their inherent flexibility but also learn awareness, confidence and learn to connect with the universe. We often do not acknowledge that modern lifestyles do in fact cause stress to young and older children – from family dynamics to academic pressure, children need an outlet that teaches them to consciously relax and de-stress themselves. Additionally children need a healthy form of exercise that helps them maintain their flexibility and help maintain a healthy body that is rid of common ailments such as wheezing and obesity.

Yoga classes for kids, like the classes that are offered by us here at Aurora Yoga Studio are specially designed for children bearing into mind their capabilities and their attention spans. Classes are creative and constantly keep the children’s body and mind engaged. Classes are designed and planned to build flexibility, stamina, maintain health, improve confidence and concentration in kids.

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