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Sri Lanka, thankfully has quite a few online shopping portals. Frankly, whenever possible I opt to shop online, the advantages are endless and it works for me!

This week I found myself wanting to buy a specific Lego product and I really didn’t feel like wandering from shop to shop looking for it and so I sat at my computer and logged onto


My shopping experience at was very uncomplicated and extremely straight forward. Using this site for shopping is very simple, so even if you are new to internet shopping you will find it pretty easy to find your way around the site. Items are categorised brand-wise, age-wise and product-wise, that with the search tool, there really is no way to miss out on finding a specific product that you are looking for. Additionally it lists new products, most popular products and special offers that make it easy to look out for what’s new. A search result will return suggested products and then you can click on the item and view the details. I especially like that everything I have recently viewed appears on the sidebar which makes it easier to review and compare.

Once you view the items you can opt to add it to your shopping cart or add it to your wish list, meaning you can visit these items later and opt to buy them later and not have to search for the product again. I’m hopeful! If does do their marketing well, they might go through these wish-list details and offer these at discounted prices like most online shopping sites do.

Once you have finished your shopping, you head to check out and since there isn’t a minimum transaction amount, even one item can be bought, you heard over to check out and enter your details by either registering or login. You can opt to login as a guest, which means the details you enter a pretty much the same, but, they don’t enter register your details so you won’t receive any marketing or other communication from them. So for those of who wish to, this is a great options and if you want to stay in the loop, you can opt to sign up for their newsletter too.

There’s various payment modes – Credit card, you can opt to transfer/deposit money to their account or by EZ Cash. Cash on delivery is for orders above Rs.3000 and shipping/couriering charges also are free for orders abover Rs.3000. For orders under Rs.3000 shipping will be calculated, I think area-wise, for me it was just Rs.75 which i thought was super convenient – I mean!!! I can’t even get to and back from shopping for this little J

I find shopping online easy and see being popular for parents with young parents or those who want to pick a gift in the comfort of their own homes. Do head a round and check out their stuff. I’m particularly thrilled with their array of toys J


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