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Hatha Yoga & the Modern Woman (Part I)

The benefits of Hatha Yoga are wide and varied. From toddlers to senior citizens there will be unquestionably a constant benefit from practicing Hatha Yoga no matter what ailments suffered or lifestyle lead.
Today’s modern woman, specifically can benefit immensely from Hatha Yoga.


Busy lifestyles, endless chores and deadlines can all lead to the modern woman feeling stressed, sick and in need of relaxation. Hatha Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is the only form of holistic exercise that provides the practitioner with relaxation, rejuvenation and therapy. Mentioned below are some of the few ways Hatha Yoga can help the busy woman of today:
1. Easing the symptoms of PMS
2. Weight-loss, toning, stretching & improving flexibility
3. Keeping fit and balanced during the Pre-natal & Post- natal stages
4. Obtaining a blemish free complexion
5. Therapy for ailments and reproductive system dysfunctions
6. Therapy for Irregular periods during puberty
7. Easing symptoms of Menopause
8. Leading a stress free life

• Easing symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
In our modern world interestingly, more and more women are experiencing PMS symptoms. Surveys have now concluded that one of the most common reasons for visiting the gynecologist is to find relief from PMS. Irritation, mood swings, depression, anger and bloating are some of the bothersome symptoms that can be cured by practicing Hatha Yoga. The relaxing nature of Hatha Yoga which incorporates synchronized breathing and exercise postures known as asanas, massage your whole reproductive system as well as balance the hormone levels in the body thus easing these symptoms. Specific asanas can be practiced to bring balance to the state of the body and mind, by doing so effectively diminishing and eliminating depression, anger and other symptoms.
• Weight- loss, Toning, Stretching & Improving Flexibility
The West has greatly publicized the ability of Hatha Yoga to tone the muscles of the body and improve one’s flexibility. With stars like Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Jon Bon Jovi and Sting practicing Hatha Yoga and sporting superbods, Hatha Yoga has had enough endorsement as a form of exercise that can truly sculpt the body. The stretching targets specific and particular muscles and parts of the body thereby burning fat, toning and sculpting the muscles. With continued practice you will notice not just muscles like the core, biceps, thighs and buttocks being toned but an increase in stamina and breathing capacity.
Interestingly, it’s not just the asanas that provide the toning but also the breathing exercises that are practiced during a session. Certain breathing techniques can be practices specifically to reduce weight by speeding up the metabolism.

• Keeping fit and balanced during your Pre-natal & Post-natal stages
Great Expectations brings about a lot of differences in the body, mind and soul. While preparing for a newborn, the mom to be will find herself wanting to stay toned & fit, prepare mentally for the responsibility, cope with morning sickness & fatigue, cope with a rush of hormones and wanting a quick & easy delivery. Yoga is the answer to all these expectations. Hatha Yoga helps moms to be practice a balanced and gentle form of exercise to stay fit, prepare her for motherhood and easy delivery.
Once the little bundle of joy arrives, there is a lot going on. Post-natal the new mother will want a form of relaxation that can help calm her, rejuvenate and get her back to shape without tiring her. Hatha yoga will rejuvenate her senses as well as tone her muscles bringing her back to shape.

To be continued…

Nitya is a qualified and experienced Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher from Aurora Yoga Studio, Sri Lanka. If you have any queries regarding this article and / or questions about your practice of Hatha Yoga, please contact her on through the FB Page of Aurora Yoga Studio

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