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Holiday Fun Activity – Woolly Woolly Golliwogs!

Ah!! Golliwogs! They bring such great great memories for me.

Come along! Let’s make them!!

Every vacation, all my cousins would visit our grand-mom. With all 9 of us screaming, pushing and running around like supercharged bunnies, making golliwogs was one of the activities that my grand-mom made us do to get us to stay in one place and probably to rest her tired feet!

We made so many golliwogs! It was a holiday tradition for us!! We would make really big ones, ones that we could carry and tiny tiny ones that we could pin onto our t-shirts. We made them in girly colors, boyish colors, house colors and school colors. Some had faces and some didn’t and we loved all of them. Then if we were lucky, my grand-mom even made small-clothes for them. I’m absolutely nostalgic, every time I make a golliwog, I feel the same excitement I did back then knowing that holidays and playtime is here.

This is what Junior & I used:

  • Bale of Wool (any color or colors!)
  • Piece of cardboard, cut out to the size of the height you want the golliwog to be
  • Pair of Scissors

How we made the Golliwog:

You need to get a piece of cardboard to wind the wool around. Make sure the height of the cardboard is the size you want the golliwog to be.

Next start winding the wool vertically around the cardboard. Don’t forget to tie a knot at the beginning so that it doesn’t simply unwind.

Keep winding it till you have wound most of the wool. Don’t use all of the wool, you will need more to wind around to make the head, body, arms and legs. Tie a knot it so it doesn’t unwind.

Using a scissor cut the cardboard so that you can remove the wool. Make sure you don’t cut any of the wool off!

Using some of the remaining wool, wind around the top part of the wool to make the hair. Remember, knot it off when you are done.

Now wind some more wool for the head area.

Separate some of the wool for the arms and wind the shoulder area, knot it. Once you’re done, start winding the hand area.

Next wind some wool for the torso area.

Wind more wool for the legs and the feet.

Snip the top of the hair so that the woolly hair spikes out and cut off the extra wool from the arms and the legs.

Ta-da-da!! Your woolly woolly golliwog is good to go! Little boys and girls both will love these sweet wogs, they can be really nice home-made gifts or badges with school colours to be worn during school events!

If you have more time, try the following:

    • Sew the eyes, nose and mouth on or use paste googly eyes
    • Sew some clothes for the golliwogs


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Till Next Time!


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