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How to make sure you don’t loose socks!!

by Mumsibles G

We all know there’s a land somewhere far far away where socks go on vacation to. Some come back and some… sadly abandon you for good. It’s heartbreaking really!!

I’ve lost too many pairs of Hubby’s, Juniors and my socks, so I made a willful effort to think of how I can never again loose a pair of socks. Check out my tips!


Here goes then:

  1. Get organized!! Make a precise plan (yes, plan!!) on where the socks go to once they are off the feet. This must carried out to military precision! Start off by having net bags that you can find in thrift stores. You can opt to have a bag each for every member of the family or one for all. (I feel one for each is playing it safe!) Make sure that every single person takes off the socks and puts it into the relevant bag! Mummy’s may have additional duty getting kids (and really getting dads too!) to put them in bags  but it pays off!
  2. Once in the washing machine, keep them in these net bags. They can be washed in them so you won’t loose them or have to hunt for them in the washing machine or dryer!
  3. When putting them to dry, clip them together with cloth pegs, thus each pair dries together.
  4. When putting washed clothes back to the cupboards/drawers, make sure that they are clipped together – you won’t loose them in the drawers or cupboards either!!
  5. You may also want to try buying a weeks supply of socks and if they are of the same design or colour, you can mix them and won’t have much of a problem ‘fishing’ them out!
  6. Lastly, collect all single socks – keep them around for a month, lest they return from their vacations!

Do you have any ideas on how to keep your socks around?? Let me know!

Till next time!!





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