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Ideas for Outdoor Games & Activities

by Mrs. Heffalump


When I was a kid we didn’t have any sort of hitech modern technologies, the only form or entertaining ourselves was to play with friends, start a hobby and reading. In the evening my mother used to send me outside to play with the neighbourhood kids. We didn’t have a large group, just about 3 or 4, but we made the most of the time we spent outside.

It was just simple games but we had fun. You could even play some of these indoors , some by yourself or even with just one friend. We used to change the rules and so could you. Just use your imagination.

Here are our list of outdoor games & activities for kids. Enjoy!

  • Hide and seek– children love to hide. Discovering and finding is an extremely common interest of all children. So the basic idea was for one child to be choosen at random to be the first person who finds the others. He or she counts upto ten, twenty or even hundred. This child who is ‘it’ closes their eyes and starts counting while this is done the rest of the children run and hide in all sorts of places. Once the counting is done ‘IT’ goes looking for the hiding children. The first to be found becomes the next ‘IT’. The game continues until someone makes a fuss and a new game is requested.
  • Tap the stick in the middle – two teams are made. A stick is placed in the centre and the teams walk about 10 steps away from either side and where they stay is called ‘home’. The idea is to call out a name from both teams and they both need to try and tap the stick and run back without getting caught by the opposing team member.
  • Catch the stick – its preety much on the same basis of tap the stick but instead of tapping a stick they need to run back ‘home with the stick.
  • Hopscotch – draw a hopscotch grid with chalk. Finding a stone that is neither too heavy nor light is crucial. Then toss the ‘toss’ into the number one square. Hop over the square on one leg on the squares and both feet where necessary all the way to the end and back. On the way back, stop on the square numbered 2 and balance and bend down and pick up the stone on square number 1 without touching the borders. Once done, hop over to safety. The aim is not to touch the border lines with your hands or feet. If so you are out.
  • Marbles – draw a circle in the sand or a sidewalk. Take turns to knock down each others coloured marbles out of the circle with your marble. ( I haven’t Seen marbles around in ages so best to improvise)
  • Simon Says – straight forward and fun. Try to find objects and things in the area as far as the eye can see beginning with a particular letter.
  • Freeze tag – the person who is ‘it’ has to stand facing his back and call out an action . Example – jump. And while they are jumping he or she turns around. All the others have to freeze in mid action. If you are caught moving you’re the next ‘it’ however another member can untag you without ‘it’ seeing you.
  • Red Rover – a decent size of a group is required for this game. Divide into 2 teams, each holding hands and making a long line facing the other team. They should be about 20 feet aprt. Then start by a team member saying ‘ red rover red rover let “childs name” come over’. That child has to run over to the other side. The other team members hold hands tightly and try not to break their hands free. If the child is unable to break free the hands they have to stay on that side. The game continues until the team which has the most number or children.

Hope you enjoyed our list of outdoor games & activities! If you have more outdoor games & activities, please comment below :)

Mrs Heffalump is a Mom of one lovely little boy and would love a whole battalion of sons around the whole house! She loves love loves doing art & crafts, is an absolute control freak and can be slightly OCD. Mrs Heffalump is also a qualified Montessori Teacher, has her Diploma In Child Psychology , A British Council Approved Teacher and was working in a leading International School.


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