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Key Jewelry Trends for 2015- Layering Necklaces

by Tina Senanyake Jewels

In the next two weeks I will be writing notes on 7 key jewelry trends for 2015.

Layering Necklaces

Living in warm and sunny Sri Lanka, we are blessed with being able to wear necklines that are ideal for wearing one or many necklaces. Show your fashion savvy by wearing a couple or more necklaces with dainty pendants for day wear and layer on your big blingey necklaces for a night out in town. :-)

Luckily being the jewelry obssesed nation that we are, most of us will have  multiple necklaces laying around at home. This means that this trend can be yours for free!!

A smart way to wear the necklaces is to layer as follows:

  1.  Wear a simple choker or a thicker necklace just at the throat
  2.  A necklace that is slightly longer than the first
  3. Wear the longest necklace with a pretty pendant.


Beautiful and dainty. source:Muse411 store on


Evil eye layers how pretty is this? Picture taken from:

The trends have been compiled  based mainly on the JCK list of 12 major trends as appearing on The JCK website (1) but has been cross checked by researching international fashion and jewelry websites and magazines, going through pictures of major designers runway shows and looking at international street style photos online. A job I have much enjoyed. ;-)

1 ( )

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