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Kid’s Book Review – The Boy Who Slept in the Sky

“The Boy Who Slept in the Sky” is a beautiful magical story that invites your child to explore extraordinary adventures through distant planets, underwater jungles and across the world.


This is the first kid’s book written by a Sri Lankan author that I am reviewing and I seriously am so impressed by this book. A completly delightful and entrancing book, you sense adventure from the first sentence in the book. I simply cannot emphasize on how magical this book is!!

Junior and I were lucky enough to be at the Book Reading Party of The Boy Who Slept in the Sky and the story combined with such a unique and magical performance by Sulochana was enchanting and mind blowing at the same time!! I do hope there will be more book readings of this book and I cannot stress enough on how much of a beautiful experience it was and should not be missed!

The book itself, is a wonderful short story that early readers can enjoy reading by themselves. Each page invites the reader to faraway places that ignites the imagination and creativity of the reader. Apart from the beautiful conjuring illustrations of Isuri Dayaratne, the sentences itself ignites wonderful colourful imagery in the mind.

After the performance, Junior wanted a copy of the book and once home he started reading it himself and his imagination did travel far!! He added his own extensions to the places and to the story – and really that’s what the book does!! It invites the reader to a far way imaginary space where anything and everything is possible!!

If you are looking for a book for an early reader or a book that you can simply bond with your toddler or preschooler, this makes a perfect book. So whether you read it at reading time or at bed time, this book is completely spellbinding and dreamy!! What makes this book even more great is that it’s a great stepping stone to exploring other subjects. So from here, your child can explore the different kind of music or instruments from around the world, under the ocean and much much more!


Needless to say, Christmas is around the corner and I will be grabbing some of these to kept under of Christmas tree!! (So, if you know me personally and come by our Tree every year, don’t buy it!! :p)

The author of the book Sulochana also conducts educational and fun book dramtizations which includes books from Sybil Wettasinghe in and around Colombo. Do check them out, I have and I highly recommend it for a quality creative learning experience for kids!

‘The Boy Who Slept in the Sky’ is priced at Rs.650 and is available at Samayawardhana Bookshop in Maradana and at Expographics Books in Pellawatte. You can also order a copy online by emailing Find more online at and

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