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Kid’s Book Review – Weird Sea Creatures

Mumsible’s is having a week of Under the Ocean!

To start exploring, I’m going to read this with Junior.




Did you know that the deep-sea anglerfish has a glowing fishing rod attached to its body, or that the barreleye fish has a see-through head? See these wacky creatures and more in this brilliantly illustrated book that explores the strangest creatures under the sea. This level two reader uses easy-to-grasp language that will keep children intrigued and learning on every page.

This high-interest, educationally vetted series of beginning readers features the magnificent images of National Geographic, accompanied by texts written by experienced, skilled children’s book authors. The inside back cover of the paperback edition is an interactive feature based upon the book. Level 1 books reinforce the content of the book with a kinesthetic learning activity. In Level 2 books readers complete a Cloze letter, or fun fill-in, with vocabulary words. (

Why did I choose this book?

Really, the answer to this is very simple! When exploring Under the Sea a book by National Geographic Kids cannot be passed! I wanted a book to compliment Titch the Tiddler, but wanted more of an informative & book with facts and this is really perfect. Colorful pictures, jam-packed with really useful information. What’s more its a Level 2 Reader, perfect if you want some reading skills practiced as well!

I couldn’t really ask for a better book πŸ™‚

If you want to supplement this reading with some online activity – why not visit the link below, National Geographic Kids has some really wonderful activities!

If you want more details on where I got my copy, please get in touch with me!




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