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Kid’s Book Review – Where’s Wally?

by MumsiblesG


There are times during the day your child needs to be taught to do things quietly – essentially these are ‘quiet time activities’!! When little ones outgrow naps, their days obviously becomes longer. Young kids can find themselves tiring themselves out more and getting restless towards evening. (Yes! I know you know what I’m talking about!!) Check out our post, Mom I Can’t Handle These Naps for more information.

Finding Wally is a wonderful ‘quiet time activity’ just as it is a wonderful activity when it’s raining outside or you are stuck indoors. I have a mini pack that I carry when our friends meet with their kids, as well as when we need to be stuck in car or a plane for some time :)

Finding Wally is a series of books and each book is themed – Where’s Wally?, Where’s Wally Now?, Where’s Wally The Fantastic Journey, Where’s Wally In Hollywood?, Where’s Wally The Wonder Book, etc. You can see the number of the book displayed right in front. there’s no hard and fast rule that you buy them in order but the OCD in me did;))

So each book has different scenes, Wally at the beach, Wally in Egypt, Wally at a circus, Wally at the time of dinasaurs etc. You and your child will have to find Wally and his friends in these pics, there’s Wenda. Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard, Woof and there are Wally fans as well as some things that you need to find.


I tell you it’s loads of fun and you get quite obsessive (at least, I do ;)). I find the book is not just a quiet time activity. It’s great at developing concentration.

Try Where’s Wally?!

You and your little ones are bound to love it!

“Brought to you by the Pears Happy Baby Learning Center“


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