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Kid’s Toy Review – Plex! Play Extra!!!

20130822_084228If you and your kids get excited about toys like Lego, Meccano and toys that you can build things by yourself, this is one toy that you really have to check out and keep getting!!  Aged 6+, Plex is interesting in so many different levels.20130802_165011-horz

Opening the box, the first words to come out of Junior’s mouth were “Mama, look!! I get to have my own tools, just like Dadda!!”. The excitement was very obvious – it’s not that easy to get Junior super impressed about a toy!!20130802_165229

So each box comes with a particular toy design that your little one needs to make. It’s packaged thoughtfully in a container that can be re-used, and I must say that’s a real value. I know as Mothers we do go through a quite dance to make sure tidying and storing is easy.

Inside the box, you get a spanner, screwdriver, the nuts & bolts needed for the assembly of your toy along with a instruction sheet. Once unpacked, it’s as simple as following the instructions carefully and assembling it!20130802_165557

Junior thoroughly enjoyed this toy, he could finally put together something like his Dad does and that gave him a newer level of confidence. When I got home with this toy, Junior couldn’t wait to get started and i really can’t keep telling you enough – it’s very difficult to impress Junior with a toy!20130802_165237

Why do I love it?? Oh gosh!! So many reasons, I love the fact that Junior can explore and build stuff by himself, playing with a toy is simply not enough, being able to understand how it can be built gives a toy a whole new dimension to it. Plex comes with its own storage, and that is such a relief, saves me the time and money of obtaining storage solutions.

On an educational note – what does it do? Firstly, it teaches children the importance of following instructions when assembling or carrying out a task (patience is not a virtue among most kids!!). It helps them fine tune their motor skills – placing the nut and bolts, holding them and screwing them together can really help with improving hand writing etc. It also teaches them about assembling and creating stuff, this is what gets me excited – play with a reason!20130802_165735

What’s more thrilling is it completely redefines  ‘value for money’!! Priced between Rs.325 – Rs. 850, this is one quality toy that is both educational and constructive play. With it being so affordable the uses are endless – excellent to keep the kids entertained on play dates, motivational gifts for good school work, birthday gifts and what totally excites me is – loot bag gifts!! Something substantial and useful in a loot bag!!20130822_082051

So there, you really really really should for soooo many reasons, get hold of a Plex Toy!20130802_165029

It’s currently available at Happiness –, all Cool Planet outlets, The Factory Outlet, P&A Fashion, Kids Unlimited and Nolimit Glitz outlets.

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