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LEGO LEARNING – Teaching Your Child Even & Odd Numbers -PART I

20130626_084941Phew!! So I’m not going to talk about the work load of kids these days! ( Except, I kinda did I think!! :p)

During third term, the first graders are introduced to Even & Odd Numbers! Yes!! I’m not sure when I started Even and Odd numbers, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at first grade. Ok, I’ll stop my rant, I must say, if it is introduced properly it is not that difficult for kids to grasp these concepts and it might be a good thing if math basics are gently introduced in play-learning activities.

So, why is teaching even and odd numbers important? Basic math principles such as these are the foundations on which other math principles are based on. It’s easier said than done to ‘just’ let a child know which number are even and which are odd, but teaching them why will help these foundations be stronger. Now how do we just that?

I use Lego blocks to aid me in this task. One of the main reasons I use Lego is because it is easier to engage Junior who then looks at the task at hand as one which is play and not necessarily a lesson which he is always looking to escape! If you have a girl, I’d think a wonderful and easier idea would be to perhaps use Barbie shoes?!!?

So let’s get on with it!

So as to not to confuse a child, first start off with Even Numbers!

Even Numbers – Explain that even number are numbers which can be paired into two, i.e, these number can be grouped into different groups of 2 and only 2 in each group. Take a look at the picture below and please replicate.20130626_083408

Now ask your little one to group the blocks in pairs. Let him play with blocks and see if he can put the particularly numbers into groups of 2.

Once he has played with these even numbers for sometime, introduce Odd Numbers.

Odd Numbers – Introducing odd numbers is fairly easy since your child now knows that anything that can’t be put into groups of two has to be something else… So demonstrate that numbers like 1,3,5 cannot be put into groups of 2!20130626_084822

There! Go through this a couple of times with your child.. a day or two and you will be ready to take it into Part II (which will be updated shortly!)

Till Next Time!


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