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Let’s Take A STEP

by Kay

Read on to find out my views on the Step Class, a small interview with Tashiya Captain,  Director of Body Bar and a Certified Step aerobics Instructress as well as what other’s who attend the class have to say about it!


I always wanted to try out a step class. This was when I saw there was a step class at my gym but I never had a chance to step in since I had time constraints. Some years later I was able to find time to join the step class finally.

First thing first, I was impressed with the class set up. The floor was undoubtedly the best for any cardio activity, and whats more, two big air conditioners running in the workout studio, making the workout session a comfortable experience in nice and fresh surroundings.

I introduced myself to the instructress, and didn’t forget to mention that I was new and have never done a step class before. She was ultra cool and said, I will be alright and except for some moves it’s an easy to follow class. Well, I was not quite sure and didn’t want to think it would be easy just as she said. As the class started everyone was moving and I fixed my eyes on the trainer. She was moving effortlessly and to my surprise, I was too. At one point I was struggling to catch my breath due to lack of stamina and I found myself just standing on the step board whereas every one was on and off of it. But I quickly got hold of the moves and the steps and after that it was easy. Throughout the class I felt good. I felt that I was doing a good workout. And I knew every drop of sweat I shed was worth it. The class was a combination of cardio and toning. At the end of the class I found it to be a happy and rewarding experience.

The next time I was in the class, it was even better and I felt fit and continued the class to the end. It has been wonderful three years for me doing step aerobics. I have never had any injuries or complications such as any knee pains or back pains, while doing steps.

I do steps on Fridays and Mondays, and what a great way to start a happy and healthy weekend and a new week.75313395

Here are some answers provided by Tashiya Captain, Director of Body Bar and a Certified Step Aerobics Instructress.

1.What are the core areas in the body targeted by ”steps”?

A Step aerobics workout would typically target the lower body. However as the body works as a “whole” there is core and upper body involvement as well. But this depends on what the class focus is and how it is choreographed.

 2.Is there a age limit when considering doing a step class?

No there is no age limit for commencing a step class or any other form of exercise. However if you are over 50 years old and have been sedentary or have any medical conditions its best to get clearance from your physician before starting any exercise program. Step is one form of aerobic exercise that can be tailored to meet individual fitness/health requirements, so the participant of any age can start and progress safety.

 3.How does it help to loose weight?

😀 Most certainly. Participating in Step aerobics regularly (at lease 3 times per week) or as a complement to your existing fitness program will definitely help you lose weight.

 4.How does doing steps help burn calories and tone the body?

Doing Step aerobics also targets the cardiovascular system. It helps you to burn calories (energy expenditure) as you are moving your entire body up and down the “step” …. like climbing stairs non stop for 45 minutes.

 5. How would a beginner find steps as a workout?

It all depends on what type of Step class they try. Some step classes are highly choreographed. So it would be advisable for a beginner to check what type of step class it is before participating.

In general if a person is totally new to exercise they will find it a little bit challenging, if they have done other forms of exercise before they may find it easier. However in general Step aerobics if fairly easy to pick up as you move within your “own step space” so you can progress in your own time.

 6. Is it safe to do a step class while pregnant?

Most definitely so if there are no contraindicated symptoms associated with the pregnancy. I myself taught right through out 3 pregnancies. However as a word of caution the instructor should be experienced and knowledgeable on how to give options for some contraindicated moves which would not be suitable for pregnant women.

7. If one thinks steps is not for them, would there be any alternatives to doing a step class?

Any form of aerobic exercise could be considered as an alternative. However Step aerobics is unique in comparison to other forms for aerobics. This uniqueness primarily comes from the usage of at the elevated “step” platform. Therefore with Step aerobics there is a lot of room to accommodate several levels of fitness and even accommodate people with back, knee and hip concerns who cannot participate in regular aerobic classes due to these health concerns.

8.What are the common misconceptions involved with steps?

And what is your answer to them? Many people think Step is bad for the knees. But the exact opposite is true. Step aerobics was innovated by Gin Miller who used a milk crate for exercises to rehab a knee injury.

 And here are some reviews by few participants of the step class:

‘Initially very reluctantly pushed into joining the class by one of the trainers at Body bar. But, now totally hooked on STEP! I would say that Step has helped my weight loss over the last year especially in toning my thighs and hips. The great thing about the class is that Tashi really is a qualified trainer and she will teach you the correct technique. She will also push you not just to attend the class regularly but also challenge yourself during the class. She has now pushed me into doing the class with two steps on either side (damn tough! Sweat like a pig). The abdominal workout at the end is very effective and Tashi makes sure its done with the correct technique. Another great factor is that Tashi uses different add ones so that each class is not monotonous by using the ball, Pilate bands, etc. Overall, great class for losing weight and toning’.Nihara Nanayakkara

‘I strongly believe that my step work out is one of the cures for stress. It stimulates my beta endorphins and giving me more energy to and help me burn off my extra tension and anxiety. Also working in repetition motions, it really clears my mind while pushing my body as hard as it goes, better for lowering stress. When my body is running at its best my metabolism is faster. My energy levels have improved. Step class also, helps me to sleep better. But it all starts with my nutrition as well. I feel the friendship and support is necessary to achieve success. That’s is why I am here to learn more about fitness , make friends, get motivated, ask questions and finally get the results i have dreamt of.’Jade Samphan

‘I started step because I had a lower backache and I felt i needed exercise. Now, after almost a year of Step, the backaches are rare and i feel much fitter. Step is ideal for me as the intensity of the workout can be adjusted to suit my age and fitness level’Fiona, 50.

Step classes are conducted at No. 03, Body bar, Jawatte Avenue, Jawatte.

So why not drop by to try a positive change in life style?

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