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Make and Learn Numbers & Sight Words Using a Chatterbox

I just love being sneaky and crafty when teaching kids! Does that sound mean :p

I believe that teaching your child should not only be on a table with text books open, pencils and pens around. I love ways to cheat teach and my newest find is the Chatterbox!!!chatterbox

It all started when Junior’s friends had found the art of Chatterboxing at school and that got me reminising the days I used to make them and play around. I’m a bit vague what I exactly did with it, but it got me thinking of how I could make variations and change it into a teaching aid.

So, it’s simple. You can use sight words or other words that you want your kid to learn spelling of on the outside. So the movements will be spelling these words, or you can get the questions inside to be mathematical ones, science questions, physical exercise, it’s really limitless you know!!

So how to make a chatterbox:

  • Start of by using an A4 paper. Fold it from the tip to the side to form a square. Cut off the remaining rectangle at the bottom so that you are left with a perfect square20130711_133327
  • You now already have a diagonal line across the square, fold to make another diagonal line across the opposite side20130711_133444
  • Start folding a corner of the paper towards the centre as shown in the picture.20130711_133522
  • Fold all the corners in as shown in picture 4
  • 20130711_133548Once again fold all the corners in towards the center. Once you are finished it should look like this20130711_13360920130711_133642
  • Now turn the paper over and once again fold the corners in towards the center.20130711_133703
  • Once you are done. you can write the instructions inside. Remember these can be anything like addition, spellings, general knowledge questions.20130711_134237 20130711_134509
  • Now fold it back in and fold the last square shape of paper into half to make a rectangle20130711_133800
  • Colour the sides as in the picture20130711_134115
  • Now slide your hands in and your chatterbox is ready!!

Till Next Time!


“Brought to you by the Pears Happy Baby Learning Center“


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