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Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

by MumsibleG


Round about this time of the year we start making our New Year Resolutions. Mine this year are to exercise more, eat healthier (easier said than done, especially since my maid is due to be on holidays in a couple of days!), be outdoor more and a few others!

While we are making our resolutions, it’s a good idea to get our kids to make their own. The importance of kids making New Year Resolutions are many. While younger children may not fully understand the significance of making New Year Resolutions, the idea is to givie them a small window to assess where they are now and where or what they’d like to do. For bigger children, this would be an excellant time to set some goals as well make some positive changes.

Some New Year Resolutions for your kids could be the following:

  • I will put away my toys after playing
  • I will wash my hands after I go to the loo
  • I will take my plate and cup after eating and leave it in the sink
  • I will go to bed on time
  • I will get dressed and undressed by myself

Remember, you can introduce positive behavioural changes as a part of New Year Resolutions too. These can be:

  • I will not hit my siblings
  • I will eat all the food on my plate
  • I will stop getting angry when I don’t get my way
  • I will stop lying

For younger and older children alike, educational goals can be made. Remember, these are not ‘rules’ to make your kids more competitive, these are to set the bar a little bit higher than they are this year.Β Some of these goals can be as following:

  • I will learn to spell three letter words
  • I’ll get better at writing compositions
  • I will finish my homework without keeping it till the last minute
  • I will learn my spellings
  • I will practice my maths a bit more

You know where you’d like your child to improve in terms of studies, so set easy small goals that are achievable.

New Year Goals can be in the larger sense too, so you can cast the net wider:

  • Help recycle things
  • Not throw garbage on the roads and keep the environment clean
  • Be kinder to people escpecially to those who are lonely
  • Stick upto bullies

Things to remember when making New Year Resolutions with Kids:

  1. Keep the New Year Resolutions as simple as possible.
  2. Set achievable goals.
  3. Do not pick too many goals, pick what needs most improving. Too many goals will make your little one feel very constricted and would feel more like ‘rules’ than resolutions. Too many would also make few resolutions fall off on the way.
  4. Write down the resolutions. If you have an older child, you can ask him to write them down and maybe pin it onto a workstation or hang it in his room where it is visible.
  5. Your little one may see these New Year Resolutions as ‘changes’. So remember they aren’t going to happen overnight. (Adult resolutions happen overnight and therefore by mid year – they all fall apart, we also at most times have ‘un-doable’ resolutions.)
  6. Implement a reward system so that change becomes more acceptable for your little one. Once he is rewarded, ‘all this work’ seems more acceptable πŸ™‚
  7. As always with children acknoweldge verbally the effort put into sticking to the New Year Resolution. Say out sentances like ‘Wow! See how you are now able to…………” “Hey do you remember, a few months ago, this was rather difficult, we’ve come so far haven’t we………….”

Remember, the importance of setting New Year Resolutions for your kids is to make them understand the concept of where they are now and where they can be. Help them understand that a New Year can be a time to make positive changes and set the bar higher. Also remember, with younger children, with the dawn of the new year, changes will not magically take place. It will happen gradually πŸ™‚

Till Next Time!


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