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Montessori Practical Life Activity – Stringing

by Mumsibles G


The beauty of this exercise is that it so versatile! This exercise is an adventure of pure exploration and little minds and hands are kept both occupied and happy!

Bead stringing or in our case, colored pasta stringing improves both finger dexterity and is a sensorial play in both.

What you will need:

  • Colored pasta (How to make your own Colored Pasta) or large sized beads (you can shift on to smaller beads once the little hands are familiar with larger sizes)
  • Lace or knotted string or alternatively you can use a shoelace with a empty spool of thread to act as a ‘knot’.

To Start:

  1. It is rather simple! You show your little on how to bead it. Holding the shoelace/lace with your dominant hand and the pasta/bead with your thumb and forefinger on the other hand.
  2. Get your little one to continue!

Mumsible Tips:

  • Mumsibles Logo Sign-off July2012 FinalTry the following variations:
  • Group all of the colors together and string one color first and then the next
  • String two alternate colors
  • String a sequence of colors!!



13352755-first-prize-gold-rosetteHis ability to finish a mammoth task that involves logic, finger dexterity & skill!

imagesCongrats Mumsibles! You now have a little one who will be able to handle small objects! This is particularly helpful as he goes onto hold crayons and finally in his hand writing!!

Till Next Time!






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