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logo3 is another online shop in Sri Lanka that has an amazing array of products. What you find at Mums in Colombo are very out of the ordinary products that get me pretty excited!  I believe the products are sourced from overseas hence you will be able to find some of the products from IKEA and other international brands such as Body Shop, H&M, Built BY etc.

If you are on the lookout for buying stuff for your kids, you will find many things here that are both value for money as well as not usually available locally. They also carry a varied range of Craft material, I personally buy many of my craft supplies from them. They have some really cool stuff like bottles for kids and ones that can be frozen to keep the water cold! Yes, as mums these things excite us quite a bit!!

So, the website is very easy to use, clean and uncluttered. The menu on the homepage easily let’s you navigate across the pages. Clearly labelled, you will know where you need to go just by using the Menu – I can’t iterate how much this makes it simpler, especially if you are looking to see what new products are available.

Once you click on a specific item that you like, you can add it your cart whilst also mentioning the quantity you want. You can add multiple items to your cart and once you’re done with your shopping, head to the check out. As standard practice, you either login or signup – then enter your email address, billing address and shipping address. Lovely, another site where the shipping address is can be different – meaning you can gift as well or opt for collection at work addresses, etc. Mums in Colombo also has a collection point, so you can choose to collect it from there and also view the product before purchase. Again, I haven’t seen this concept elsewhere, I like being able to visit and take a look at what I buy!

What is really exciting for me about Mums In Colombo is that they have a PayPal! Yay! If ever there is an option for me to use PayPal, I prefer to as I suppose most of us do. If payment is made through PayPal, they will deliver it to the shipping address and the cost is already included or you can opt to pay cash at their pickup point and collect your stuff.

There are also some unique factors to Mums in Colombo, once I ordered a pair for kid’s sunglasses and opted to pick it from their collection point. Once there I saw that the pair was a little bit too small for Junior and I didn’t purchase it. Now, I really did feel bad about not getting it since I obviously had said I would and have reserved the item, but MIC was quite okay with me not getting it and had in turn made me into a loyal customer of theirs since they do not ‘force’ products on their customers which is really a great feeling when buying online.

Even when opting for Cash on Delivery you can opt to not buy it in which case don’t even get charged for delivery. Seriously, how cool is that!!!

The advantages of shopping online at are endless, whether you are looking for good quality products for gifts or to be used by yourself, MIC delivers and with such good service, it’s a breeze shopping, but do not take my word for it, visit them today – you won’t be disappointed!!

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