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Mumsible Mummy Apr’16 – Lahana Selvanayagam



Name: Lahana Selvanayagam



What words best describe you as a mother?

Patient, understanding, and disciplined.

What is the best thing you enjoy about being a mom?

The unconditional love that they give you; this includes the sloppy kisses and gooey smiles.

What is your biggest fear as a Mother?

The safety of my children.

What is your proudest Mummy Moment?

I think there are moments; it’s when they celebrate their birthdays, and I see how beautiful they are growing up.

Name one Mom that you admire the most?

Anjelina Jolie.

For or against baby routines? Why do you think baby routines are important for little ones?

We are creatures of habits, and I think a routine is important to help them acclimatize themselves into one even when growing up.



Advice on baby routine for a new mother?

The only advice I can give is to ensure that you take into account a structured process that you can stick to.

Are you happy with the age gap between your children or would you have liked it to be different?

I’m happy!!!

What is family fun time like?

I think it’s spending quality playtime with the kids.

Where are your favourite family hangout places in Sri Lanka?

Favourite hangout place would be where we are all together.

You being a mother and entrepreneur how do you manage to switch these hats when needed and how do you manage to bring them all together?

As long as you have a process set in place anything is possible. You just need to be disciplined enough to carry it through.




Photography: TruColor

Location: Lahana’s Residence

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