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Name: Durga Kenny
Age: 32 Years
Designation: Director (BeWaxed)

What is the best part about being a Mum?Being a mom is something I wanted for a long time, the simple joys of seeing him after work or when I pick him up from school. Watching him grow, sometimes I can’t believe he has grown so much. A simple hug or a simple I love you mama, are the best moments.What were your first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?

Oh wow we are blessed. We were so excited to be able to experience the joy of giving birth to our miracle. The name Mattias is Hebrew and means Gift from God.

How long were you in labour for and what pain relief did you have?

My pains started a good 12 hours before I actually went into labour, but once I got into the delivery room everything was over within forty five minutes. I remember being very nervous about giving birth, I had asked practically every woman I knew who had given birth to give me some kind of idea of what it was going to be like. In reality every delivery is different and every person’s threshold for pain is different. I had a natural birth with no pain relief. The only pain relief I did have was screaming at my husband saying ‘ I know how to breathe”.

Did you use cloth or disposable diapers?

We initially wanted to stay away from the disposable ones and we did for probably 2 weeks. After two weeks the washing was too much and we then switched to disposable one. We also realised that the cloth ones would disturb Mattias’ sleep as every time he peed he would wake up. The disposable ones allowed him to sleep longer.

What is your biggest fear as a Mother?

That someone might try to take Mattias away from me or that someone would hurt him. I am a paranoid mum, I worry about a lot of things when it comes to Mattias.

How was your baby’s sleep pattern? Did you do anything particular to help your baby sleep?

When Mattias was an infant sleep came to him naturally all I had to do was give him his milk. As he grew up the naps became smaller and the fuss to get him to bed started. I believe that afternoon are important and so some days he will fuss and cry but within 5 minutes of getting on to the bed he is fast asleep. We try to follow a routine most days and then some days we don’t. Every child’s sleep requirement is different I believe and so do what you feel will suit your child.

At what age did your little one start to sleep in his own room? Was there a training process?I have to be honest and say that he still co-sleeps, he has his room but refuses to sleep in it, afternoon naps are done occasionally in his room. When it comes to night time sleep he feels most comfortable in our room. I myself actually feel better knowing he is next to me in the night, I sleep better. However he is almost 5 years old now and we are certainly running out of space on the bed, so I do need to slowly start getting him accustomed to sleeping in his room.

What’s your son’s favourite toy at the moment?

He is currently into Peppa Pig and so has the character George soft toy which he sleeps with.

What’s family fun time like?

Mattias loves cooking and so he loves to come into the kitchen and help even making tea sometimes. Marcus and Mattias run around the house playing Avengers on most evenings. We also like eating out together, sometimes just sitting together on the couch is family time.

Is your son made to do any household chores?

Mattias is a very helpful child, he wants to be involved in lots of things that go on in the house. We ask him to tidy up his room randomly but other than that no. On his own he loves to help Marcus wash the Jeep and help me fold the laundry.

What is your most favorite attribute of your child?

He is very protective of me. It really is the sweetest thing ever, he believes that only he is allowed to kiss and hug me. He also says that he loves me the most in the whole world and will save me from anyone who tries to hurt me. I can’t imagine my world without him. 

Being a mother is not easy, every child is different and will test your limits every day. My strong belief is that it’s ok to have different parenting methods and not follow what anyone else is doing. Never compare your child to any other child, each child is special in his or her own way. As a mother it’s also ok to have days where you would like 5 minutes to yourself and remember no one is perfect.

Location: Durga’s Residence

Photography: TruColor

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