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Mumsible Mummy – Feb’16 Anita Dorai



Name: Anita Dorai
Designation: Mum



What kind of activities does your family do together to spend quality time with each other?

We go for outings regularly, watch movies together and at least once or twice a week we go out with the family together for dinner.

On what basis do you choose after school activities for your son?

I feel it is important for children to be all rounded. Sports and music being the two most important leisure activities to keep a child well balanced.

Tips on parenting teenagers?

Listen to your children and try to understand them from their world. Show interest in the things they like and listen to what they have to share.

What is the hardest part of parenting?

Hardest part for any parent is to accept criticism from their own child. Respect that they have their own views as well and even though we are parents we are not always right.

How do you make sure your children bond with each other?

On the days that my husband and I go for evening outings we leave the children to plan their own dinner menu and their activities; for example, playing cards or board games together to bond with one another.

Favourite part of being a Mum?

Learning to give unconditional love to your child.

Meal ideas that easily go down the tummies of the whole family?

I enjoy cooking and meals have never been a major issue at home. Amongst the hot favourites are Sweet and Sour Chicken, Prawn Briyani and Home made Pizzas.

What are your beauty routines?

Believe it or not, I do not really like to frequent spas and salons much except as and when required. However cleansing and moisturising my face is something that is part of my daily routine.

What beauty product can you absolutely not live without?

My Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Moisturiser.

What do you do to relax?

The one thing that really helps me to relax, keeps me motivated and never lets me down in my time of need are my Daily Prayers. I make it a point to begin and end my day with my prayers. It is something I highly recommend to everyone to include as part of their daily routine.



What advice do you have for expat mums settling down in Sri Lanka?

Being an expat mother and settling into a new environment is never easy especially when you have to leave family and close friends behind. Experiencing “homesickness” is bound to happen within the first few months. Joining an exclusive club or association or a community of expatriates does help. However based on my experience, the faster you start mixing with the local community it helps one to settle in a lot easier and quicker. Exercising a lot of patience is also an important virtue especially when you are moving from a fully developed country.

What is it like being a Mother to your step-children?

It was challenging for me moving to Srilanka with an 8 year old son of my own and overnight becoming a mother to an 18 year old teenage daughter and a 23 year old grown up son. The whole family found themselves adjusting to new family members with everyone having different needs and demands. As a wife and mother I had to balance myself very well and not be seen taking sides with any of the children as I did not want them to feel any lack of love and attention. It was emotionally challenging at times. Thankfully with a lot of support from my husband it made things a lot easier for me. Fortunately things have worked out well for all of us as a family.

Having been through a divorce and now being married again what are some of the valuable lessons you have learnt?

Some of the things which I have learnt along the way is that communication is a key element to a successful marriage. Having trust between you and your spouse is very important and occasional date nights at least once or twice a month are a must have as it is important to have that personal time out with your spouse. Never take your partner for granted.

How did it feel to leave your business in Singapore and move to Srilanka?

It was heartbreaking. I built up my business from scratch which took me almost 10 years. The most painful thing was having to sell it off to a total stranger as there was absolutely no way in which I could run my business seated from here. Having said that, as I look back at my new family now and see the contentment on my childrens’ faces it was definitely worth the effort.

What is a valuable lesson that you have learnt from life?

I have learnt nothing in life is permanent. Sometimes our hardest and most painful lessons are our best teachers and if we learn from those lessons it definitely helps to make us a better person.




Photography: TruColor

Location: Anita’s Residence

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