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Name: Tina Senanyake
Age: 45 Years
Designation: Jewelry Designer

What surprised you most about being pregnant?The immediate attachment i felt for the little foetus growing in my tummy and also how uncomfortable it was to be pregnant at times!

What were your first thoughts when you saw your babies?

That I could grow to love the little creatures! Jokes aside, seriously how little, perfectly shaped and lovely they were.

Who did you want in the delivery suite with you, your husband or someone else, and why?

My husband because being half parts of the babies it was important for him to be there.

Do you feel that the experience from having your first child helped with the second?

Yes of course, Things are not such an overwhelming shock the second time around.

How do you make sure that your children get along with each other?

Try not to compare them and constantly tell them how they each love the other. Additionally by ensuring that they spend quality site together and get to play with each other.

Are you strict on your children following a schedule?

Yes, as routine is important and gives them a sense of security specially when they are little, and now having a routine just makes things easier all around.

How do you choose after school activities for your kids?

Based on their preferences, aptitude and on what’s healthy for them.

Do you have any no fail dinner ideas?Macaroni, tomato sauce and home made chicken nuggets

How do you manage your work and your children’s schedules?

Being self employed I work mainly at night and or of course when the kids are at school.

What are some of your favourite shops to buy clothes for you little ones?

Elegant Smockers, Moods and the random little shops on Thimbirigasyaya. I am constantly on the look out for kids clothes and love to find that perfect little dress or pair of jeans in some little shop somewhere.

What are your thoughts on going back to work after having kids?

I think that those who have the support structure to be able to work after having children are lucky. Coming from a generation of women who worked before having kids I feel that the time you take to work is very important as it gives a women some degree of economic freedom and also fulfills her need for adult company.

What do you do for ‘me’ time?

Make Jewelry, look after my business, meet friends for coffee.

How do you keep your kids occupied during the holidays?

Give them books, art supplies and try to take them out as much as possible.

Please complete this sentence any way you’d like. “Being a Mom means……”

Being a Mom means that my feeling of self includes my children.”

 _MG_0198_MG_0148_MG_0144Location: Tina’s Residence
Photography: TruColor
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To Get Tina’s Look

_MG_0198Dress: Loft Buy In Sri Lanka
Shoes: Bianco Demark
Accessories: Tina Senanayake Jewels

_MG_0186Tina’s Dress: Mango
Tina’s Shoes: Gabor
Diya’s Dress: Monsoon

Diya’s Hair Wreath: Thailand
Sean’s T-Shirt: Lacoste

Sean’s Trousers: Thiangra

_MG_0161Tina’s Dress: Avirate
Accessories: Tina Senanayake Jewels
Diya’s T-Shirt: Pop Cafe
Diya’s Pants: Denmark

_MG_0178Tina’s Top: Moods
Tina’s Pants: Moods
Shoes: Thailand
Diya’s Dress: A Vintage Dress from Denmark
Diya’s Hair Band: Cool Planet
Sean’s Top: H&M Denmark
Sean’s Pants: Denmark

_MG_0137Tina’s Dress: Avirate
Tina’s Scarf: Odel
Accessories: Tina Senanayake Jewels
Diya’s Dress: Elegant Smokers
Diya’s Shoes:Aerosofts
Diya’s Accessories: Denmark