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Mumsibles Classroom – Writing in Sticky Edible Sand

This is super super fun!

Getting Junior to practice his spellings is a task. Once I get his spelling book out, he usually comes out with all sorts of excuses and I started to think that I needed to be more creative with getting him to practice his spelling.

What I love about ‘Sticky Edible Sand’ is the mystery around it! I didn’t tell Junior what we were using, so, it came out as quite a bit of a surprise when in the end we recycled our ‘sand’!!

Now I can’t stress on the importance of how we need to get creative in our teaching process. Really only because children nowadays seem to have such a lot of work to do constantly. Giving them something out of the ordinary gives them a sense of not actually working and really that works for the best for all of us!

So here’s how to make Sticky Edible Sand….



Drum roll please…

Yes thank you…


It’s actually Jelly Crystals!!!

Very simple,I know!!

Doesn’t need any prepping which is super cool! The ‘funnest’ part is not disclosing it to Junior. Junior was wondering what magical powers I had to create sand that was edible.. and I was happy to show him that Mommy-Powers really did exist!

So what we did was really simple. Use jelly crystals (a flavor that your little one enjoys), spread it out on a baking tray and get your little one to use his index finger and spell out words.

I think that this is pretty good idea for your pre-schoolers too, to start practice formation of number and letters. While I got away with a quite a few words of spellings. I think you can come up with some interesting variations…. How about maybe addition or subtraction…

After we had practiced our words and Junior messed about a bit with the ‘Sand’, we just made jelly which is something he always enjoys.


Now since I have the one, and I didn’t have any peeves with him licking his finger while he did his spelling, I let him continue.You really don’t have to follow my lead on this. You can use colored sand that is available in crafts shops if you aren’t keen on the finger in the mouth, but do remind your kids not to put the fingers in the mouth after wards.


Get back to us! Did you try making your own “Sticky Edible Sand’? Any variations or experiences you want to share??

Brought to you by the Pears Happy Baby Learning Center


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